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Where was the candy cane invented?

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When was the first candy cane machine invented?

the1st candy cane machine was invented in the 1950's.

What year was the candy cane invented?

1670 in Germany

Who invented the candy cane?

someone name darnell

What makes a candy cane a candy cane?

Candy canes are hard sticks of candy that are bent into a cane shape. It is the cane shape that makes a candy cane a candy cane.

What candy is children of cane candy?

A large fat stick of candy cane

How many syllables DOES candy cane have?

Candy cane has three syllables: can-dy cane.

What is the shape of a candy cane?

a candy cane is in the size of a huge hook

How do you say candy cane in German?

Candy cane in German is Zuckerstange

What does the candy cane resemble?

The candy cane resembles a walking stick

How do you get a candy cane on Poptropica?

There is a free Candy Cane to carry, in the Poptropica store. There are two or more Candy Cane costumes for sale in the store.

What do the white in a candy cane represent?

The white in candy cane is how purified Jesus is.

What is a pun involving candy cane?

A cute pun involving a candy cane is What is red, white, and blue at Christmas time? The answer is a sad candy cane.

How many grams of sugar are in a candy cane?

A peppermint candy cane from Brach's has 11 grams of sugar. A Lifesaver's candy cane has 10 grams of sugar. Brach's raspberry candy cane has 9 grams of sugar.

How many words can be made from candy cane?

can, cane, candy, day, dad,Nana, a,an,

Can you drop a candy cane without it breaking?

yes, if the candy cane is fake. no if it is real.

How do you make candy cane hot chocolate?

put a candy cane in hot chocolate.

When was Candy Cane Children created?

Candy Cane Children was created in 2002-11.

Why was the candy cane invented?

To help kids sit still in church during a long Christmas sermon

Who invented the fist candy candy cane?

In 1670 in Germany, but they were not red/white but white only. It wasn't until the 20th century that stripes were added.

What does the white represent in a candy cane?

The white on a candy cane is said to represent a sinless life.

What does th red on the candy cane represent?

The red on the candy cane symbolizes Jesus's blood.

How do you get the candy cane door on moshi monsters?

You buy the candy cane door from the DIY Shop.

What does the candy cane resemble and what was its name?

The red in the candy cane represents the suffering and blood of Jesus. The white in the candy cane represents the pureness of Jesus.The candy cane looks like a shepherds crook. That represents Jesus being the good shepherd. When you turn the candy cane upside down it looks like a J. That stands for Jesus.

Is a candy cane a type of lolly?

NO, a candy cane is NOT a lolly or lollipop. MOST lollipops are sweet, and candy canes are minty. sometimes.

Will a candy cane make your teeth whiter?

Not necessarily, Candy canes are made of sugar cane.. Just brush your teeth after eating candy, or candy canes.

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