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British electrician David Sandy invented the electromagnet in 1825 when he was bored.

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When was electromagnet invented?

The first electromagnet was invented in 1825.

When was the electromagnet invented?

The electromagnet was invented in the year 1850 by william sturgeon :)

Who invented electromagnet?

The Danish physicist, Hans Christian Orsted. invented the electromagnet in 1820.

Who invented the electromagnet?

jake marshall

Who invented the junkyard electromagnet?

a human...

Who invented the original electromagnet?

The original electromagnet was invented by the Englishman William Sturgeon in 1825. It was much improved by the American Henry in 1830.

Inventions of Heinrich Hertz?

he invented the electromagnet

Who invented electromagnet in 1823?

William Sturgeon

Who invented the first electromagnet motor?

British scientist William Sturgeon invented the electromagnet in 1824.[7][8] His first electromagnet was a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that was wrapped with about 18 turns of bare copper wire

Is there a magnet in an electromagnet?

Not a separate magnet no. but the current that is created by the electromagnet makes the electromagnet a magnet.

Does a blender have an electromagnet in it?

Yes a blender does have an electromagnet in it

Which has a stronger magnetic field a solenoid or a electromagnet?

A solenoid is an electromagnet An electromagnet is a solenoid with an iron core

Who invented the elctromagnet-Will sturgeon or Andre ampere?

An electromagnet is a magnet in which the magnetic field is made by an electrical current. William Sturgeon, an English physicist and inventor, invented the first electromagnets.

Is a generator a electromagnet?

yes because a electromagnet is in a generator

An electromagnet becomes storgner when the?

an electromagnet becomes storgner when the.

Why is an electromagnet not use in compass?

An electromagnet could be used for the pointer of a compass, but there are many reasons why a simple permanent magnet works far better for this particular job.An electromagnet:Requires a power source.Has far more mass that would have to balance on the center pin.A reliable contact mechanism would have to be invented to connect the needle to the power source....these among others...

What are the parts of an electromagnet?

the parts of an electromagnet are the source,the coils of wire

What is the electromagnet spectrum?

The electromagnet spectrum is the entire range of electromagnet energy, from radiation that has the shortest wavelenghts to radiation that has the longest wavelengths.

What happens when the current in an electromagnet is turned on?

The magnet field is come around the electromagnet and electromagnet start picking magmatic things.

Why electromagnet is different from a permanent magnet because an electromagnet what?

An electromagnet is NOT permanent; the magnetism can be turned on and off. Also, an electromagnet constantly requires a current, and therefore energy, to remain on.

Why electromagnet is used for separating plastic bags?

An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.

What is the difference between electromagnetism and electromagnet?

electromagnetism is the force an electromagnet is the object

Who built the first electromagnet?

Linc Robinson built the first electromagnet.

What is one example of use of an electromagnet?


What is the purpose of an electromagnet?

no one cares about something as insignificant and idiotic as an electromagnet