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they used existing camps at the start

it really depends on what you mean by inmates and how wide your definition of the Holocaust is.

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When was the first concentration camp built and who was the first inmates?

The first concentration camp was Dachau, built in 1933. Its inmates were political prisoners.

What was the first Concentration Camp to be built in the Holocaust?

The first Concentration Camp built by the Nazis were Dachau Concentration Camp.

What was built by inmates taken from Changi Prison Camp?

The Burma Railway was built by the inmates taken from the Changi prison camp .

What happened at the first Concentration camp in the holocaust?

Political Prisoners were putted in Dachau concentration camp. The first Nazi camp built.

When was the first concentration camp estbilshed and who were the first inmates?

The first concentration camp was established between 1933-1935. The first inmates were ??

Where was the first Holocaust camp built?

The first extermination camp to become operational was Chelmno (on 8 December 1941). It was in some respects experimental. (The first Holocaust where concentration capms were built was in South Africa in 1898 - 1904, the Brittish built camps were over 20% of the Boer nation died, mostly women and children)

What company built Auschwitz concentration camp?

Most of the camp was built by inmates. The crematoria were supplied by J. A. Topf und Soehne, of Erfurt.

What was selection at a concentration camp?

The first Concentration Camp was the Holocaust

What are some Holocaust words that start with an k?

· kapo - a concentration camp inmate appointed by SS to be in charge of other inmates.

Was Stutthof the first concentration camp built by Nazi regime?

No, Stutthof was the first concentration camp built outside Germany. (The first camp was Dachau).

Which was the first camp built by the Nazis?

The first permanent camp was Dachau.

What camps were the worst during the holocaust?

The worst concentration camp was Auschwitz, it was the largest death camp and was built specifically for the killing of Jews.

How were the inmates treated in the Holocaust?

Brutally. Inmates were used as slave labor, and those who could not keep up with the unreasonable expectations of the Nazi camp commandants were either killed or left to starve. Many inmates were also used as the subjects of medical experiments, usually against their will.

Why were concentration camp inmates nude?

The inmates were not nuded, they worn stripped pajamas.

What has the author Maria Marchetta written?

Maria Marchetta has written: 'Erinnerung und Demokratie' -- subject(s): Holocaust memorials, Memorials, Political aspects, Political aspects of Holocaust memorials, Women concentration camp inmates

Who were the first immates of the first concentration camp?

The first inmates of Nazi concentration camps were Communists, Social Democrats and various political dissidents. (The first inmates of the first concentration camp was women and children of the Boer nation in South Africa - 1898) (There were also Spanish concentration camps in Cuba in the mid 1895s).

What was the work camp during the Holocaust?

A work camp during the holocaust was the code name for a Jewish resistanse camp.

Was the holocaust legal?

No. In 1933 when a number of SS men were charged with murder for killing the inmates of concentration camps, Himmler intervened. He not only had all the charges dropped but established the principle that SS men were immune from prosecution for killings of concentration camp inmates.

What were the most common diseases of the Holocaust?

As far as diseases that thrived because of the conditions of the Holocaust, the most common one was probably typhus, a flea-born disease that killed countless thousands of concentration camp inmates and refugees immediately after the war.

What has the author Zoltan Zinn-Collis written?

Zoltan Zinn-Collis has written: 'Final witness' -- subject(s): Bergen-Belsen (Concentration camp), Biography, Child concentration camp inmates, Concentration camps, Holocaust survivors, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), Jewish children in the Holocaust, Jews, Personal narratives, World War, 1939-1945

Where was the first concentration camp constructed?

the first permanent Nazi concentration camp was built near Munich.

When was the first concentration camp built?

The first concentration camp was built by the Brittish Empire in South Africa to detain women and children of the Boer nation during the Boer War (1898-1904). The first Nazi concentration camp was Dachau, built July 1933.

how was the food at concentration camp Auschwitz?

Inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp were fed almost nothing, and suffered from extreme starvation. When the camp was liberated in 1945, the skeletal appearance if the surviving inmates was profoundly horrifying.

What nation was the first to liberate the concentration camps?

The Soviet Red Army was the first to discover and liberate inmates of Majdanek, on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland. It had been a concentration camp as well as an extermination camp.

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