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Where was the first coke bottled?

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Vicksburg, Mississippi 1894 Atlanta, Georgia

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What bottled water does coke make?

Dasani .

What phrase came first Drink coke or Enjoy coke?

Drink coke is the first came phrase.

Where can you get a refund for coke bottles in Toronto?

All of Ontario has a program called Bag it Back, where bottled can be returned for the deposit. You can return Coke bottles at any retailer in Toronto that sells Coke. You can also take them to The Beer Store.

Which was first coke or Pepsi?


What came first vanilla coke or cherry coke?

cherry coke

What color was coke when first invented?

Coke was green when it first came out.

What came first coke or lemonade?


What was Britain's first bottled lager?


Who was the first person invent coke?

The first coke was invented by a Swedish boy called Frick

When collecting Coke cans should they be emptied first?

yes. you should empty the coke bottle first

Is cherry coke and doctor pepper the same thing?

No. Though they are both caffeinated, sweet carbonated beverages, the flavoring is different and they are bottled by different companies.

Where was Diet Coke invented?

Diet coke was first invented in United States.

What will evaporate first coke orange juice or water?

coke because of the bubbles in it

How long has bottled water been around?

The first bottled water was sold in glass bottles in 1395 in Italy. This means that bottled water has been around for roughly 620 years.

How much did a coke cost in 1958?

A six ounce bottled Coke (there weren't any larger colas at that time) cost six cents plus two cents for the bottle deposit. They washed and sterilized the bottles and refilled them at the Coca-Cola plant.

What year was Coca-cola first bottled?

In 1894

What soft drink was first bottled in Mississippi?

root beer

Who first bottled beer in America?

Howard Dean In 1733.

Who was the first women to climb mt Everest without bottled oxygen?

Lydia Bradey from New Zealand in 1988 was the first woman to climb Mount Everest without bottled oxygen

Is coke hypotonic or hyertonic?

I thought coke was hypertonic at first but after the experiment, i found it was definetely HYPOTONIC! Coke will increase the eggs weight.

What was the Coke slogan that first promoted the product in the 1960s?

Things Go Better With Coke

How many liters of coke have been sold since coke was first made?


What was coke first made in?

in Alanta

How was coke first made?

it was a medicene.

How old was Miley Cyrus when she first drank coke?

Miley Cyrus was 2 when she dranked coke!