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William Addis in year 1770.

More information of how, and why the toothbrush was invented can be found by clicking the related link below.


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well the first tooth brush was invented by native americans they used corn hulls and salt to brush their teeth.

The sentence's answer is William Yadis invented the toothbrush in 1780.

The plural of 'tooth brush' is 'tooth brushes'.

Ricky Huang made the first tooth brush in 1780, after losing his teeth to gingivitis he wanted no one else to go through his horrible pain. It was extremely popular and swept the nation in days, and the world in weeks.

One Lyda Newman was the person who invented the hair brush. He invented the first hair brush in New York City in 1898.

ok apparently ur slow or r from a different country. first u must aquire a brush (not a hair brush a tooth brush) now aquire tooth paste AND BRUSH UR TEETH U dumb bass

Even if you have a loose tooth, you should still brush your teeth. It may hurt, but if you want to, don't brush the tooth that is loose. Enjoy this answer!

First of all, a hairpiece should never be hung over a tooth brush. But you can get a hairpiece from a reputable wig maker and.... ohhh herpes? Nevermind.

Tooth brush. The Chinese made the tooth brush in the 15th century and forms of a tooth brush have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Technically, a tooth brush does not kiss tooth paste because neither are living things. Tooth paste is applied to a tooth brush to clean and maintain one's teeth.

You brush the tooth up and down left and right in a circularizing motion.

The hair brush was first invented 1885,Mason Pearson invented the patented the pneumatic cushion for the hair brush,creating the actual hair brush.

well the tooth brush was invented some time in June

a tooth brush is 'une brosse à dents' in French.

Yes you can it is called brush abrasion, the nylon bristle's of the tooth brush will saw your tooth in half at the gum line. Brush your teeth in a circular motion angling the bristles down towards the neck of the tooth half on gum, half on tooth and gently brush.

you can use a soft tooth brush

Teeth, you wouldnt just brush one tooth twice a day?

Tooth is the plural form of teeth. We use tooth brush for more than one teeth. So it is TOOTHBRUSH

you get tooth ache when your tooth is wobbly or even when u dont brush them!!

Good question. I would say it's called tooth brush because of the size of the brush. Technically, it really only brushes one tooth at the time, hence a teeth brush would be longer and more cumbersome to use in the mouth.

the hair brush was invented in Africa ..

Use your tooth brush. Brush them as if they are your teeth:)

The first wind turbine was invented in 1888. The fellow who invented it was Charles F. Brush.

Yes, but you can clean it with a tooth brush and tooth paste.

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