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They were first created in the Pacific Northwest. They are centuries old, and it is unknown who exactly began making them. They commemorate things such as historical stories, ancestors, and events.

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What was the first totem pole made from?

the first totem pole was made of the tall, strong trunks of cedar trees

How old are totem poles?

Depends on what your asking. When was the first totem pole made? Long ago. Who made the first totem pole? Depends on how you define a totem pole. Wood or Stone? Detailed or not? Who made totem poles? There has been totem poles from Africa Tribes, American Indians, Vikings, and undoubtedly more.

Where was the totem pole made?

it was made in china

When was the first totem pole made in Native America?

Before 1800's

What does each totem represent on a totem pole?

the first totem on the top represents courage.

Why were totem poles first made?

to tell stories and the item craved in the pole is what its talking about.

Who Built the first totem pole?

It is not known who built the first totem pole. These sculptures are carved from wood and have been in existence for hundreds of years.

Is a totem pole made of wood?


When was the first totem-pole made?

The first totem poles were made when our ancestors found Canada they were use for every tribe and every houses to show what represent there town and family and what is in there home

Who made the First Totem Pole?

Totem poles have been located which date back hundreds of years. Therefore the name of the person who created the first one is not known.

When was the last totem pole made?

It's hard to say when. Totem poles are even being made today. There is an industry for them, and you can go to many Alaskan cities and see totem pole producers. A good place to view totem poles is in Totem Park, Alaska.

Was a totem pole made for religious symbols?


Is a totem pole carved or made by a machine?

It was carved.

What are the colors on a coastal Indian totem pole?

the colors on a totem pole can be any color that matches what the totem pole is meaning...

What are totem poles made from?

Depending on where the totem pole was made, or what culture it came from, totem poles where made from diffrent materials. Indians where most commonly known for wooden totem poles, but mayans totem poles where made from stones, like limestone.

Is totem pole still used?

is totem pole still used

What does the leopard totem pole mean?

Tribes that made totems did not have leopards, so the leopard would not be on a totem.

What is a sentence using the word totem pole?

I'll race you to the totem pole! This totem pole honors some of my family's bravest ancestors.

Who was the first nations group who used the totem pole and the clan system?

The group who used the totem pole and the clan system were the Northwest Coast Natives!

Was the tallest totem pole in the world made in 1761?

yes it was made in 1761

What does the porpoise on a totem pole mean?

They belived the faces on the totem pole were the gods

Why does the totem pole depict?

a totem pole depicts what tribe the native americans are in.

What does a raccoon mean n a totem pole?

What would a racoon on a totem pole

Why were the totem pole made?

Totem poles were memorials honoring dead ancestors and showed the heritage of tribal leaders.

What is the origin of the totem pole?

The totem pole comes from the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

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