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She was born on the island of Ortygia or Delos. There is no particular place identified as her home, though Mount Olympus was said to be the home of all the gods.

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Q: Where was the greek goddess Artemis a resident of?
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Where is Artemis a resident of?

Artemis was an ancient Greek goddess, so she was a resident of Greece.

Does the Greek goddess Artemis have a child?

NO!!!! But the Roman Goddess Artemis did! But not the Greek!

Is Artemis a boy or a girl?

The Greek goddess Artemis is a female. However, if you are referring to Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl is a male.

Did the Greek goddess Artemis marry?

No, the goddess Artemis did not marry. She was a virgin goddess.

Is Artemis a roman or Greek goddess?

Artemis is a Greek goddess; the Roman Diana was a cultural counterpart.

How old is Artemis the greek goddess?

Artemis is a immortal Greek goddess: they are ageless. Usually, Artemis was portrayed as a young woman.

Did the Greek goddess Artemis get married or have kids?

No. The goddess Artemis swore to be a virgin goddess.

Who killed the Greek goddess Artemis?

Artemis the goddess was never killed. She was an immortal goddess.

Who is the ancient Greek goddess Artemis?

The ancient Greek goddess Artemis is the goddess of the Hunt, the moon, animals, virginity, and the wild.

Who was the greek moon goddess?

The greek moon goddess was Artemis.

What is Artemis responsible for?

If you are talking about the Greek goddess Artemis, she is the goddess of the hunt and war.

What is Artemis responsibility's?

If you are talking about the Greek goddess Artemis, she is the goddess of the hunt and war.