Where was the singer rapper known as MIA born?

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She was born on July 17th 1975 in Sri Lanka. Despite reports of her being born in 1977, upon the birth of her son her true birth date was revealed due to documentation process for his birth certificate.
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Who is a well known Australian singer?

Jimmy Barns . Olivia Newton-John . John Farnham . Delta Goodrem . Kylie Minougue . The Veronicas (Jess and Lisa) . Rhianna . Keith Urban . The band, Men At Work

How do you get known as a singer?

To get known as a singer you can't be afraid to show your talent. Get involved in talent shows, musicals, and choirs. Make some basic recordings of your talent and network on social network sites such as MySpace and FaceBook. For some money you can buy media lists and mail them demos or get a member ( Full Answer )

Who are some well-known rappers?

Here are some well -known rappers or hip hop artists contributors have listed: . Eminem . 50 Cent . Snoop Dogg . Dr. Dre . Nas . Jay-Z . Lupe Fiasco . T.I. . T-Pain . Game . 2Pac . The Notorious B.I.G. . Ludacris . GEMINEM . GEMINEM GEMINEM GEMINEM GEMINEM GEMINEM GEMINEM GEMI ( Full Answer )

Why is Mia hamm well known?

She is known as one of the best soccer players in history. She led the us Women's soccer team to the Olympics.

Is Madonna a well known singer?

Madonna is one of the most famous people in the World! she is arguably the most famous woman in the world. she is 54 and her career is still strong, everyone wants to be her, meet her, and work with her. she is the most successful female singer ever with over 300 million sales ! also she is comm ( Full Answer )

How old is the singer MIA?

She was born on July 17th 1975 in Sri Lanka. Despite reports of her being born in 1977, upon the birth of her son her true birth date was revealed due to documentation process for his birth certificate.

Who are the well known welsh born singers at present?

Welsh born singers: Duffy, Cerys Matthews, Charlotte Church, Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Shakin' Stevens, Amy Wadge (Duffy, Cerys Matthews and Amy Wadge are fluent in Welsh). Here are a few Welsh bands: The Alarm, The Automatic, The Blackout, Budgie, Bullet for my Valentine, Feeder, Funeral ( Full Answer )

The top ten 10 rappers singers?

eminem . eminem . eminem . tupac . lil Wayne . akon . kanye west . jay-z . 50 cent . snoop dogg

Is Mia Rose now a professional singer?

She recorded two singles and is best known as an actress. She sings a multitude of different cover songs. She also has a lot of famous music videos. In the

Who are well-known country singers?

It depends on what period of time you're talking about. Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family, The Delmore Brothers, Patsy Montana, Roy Acuff, Sons of the Pioneers with Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, and Bob Wills were the hit of the 1920's and 1930's. . Bill Monroe, Eddy Arnold, Merle Travis, Ernest Tubb, H ( Full Answer )

What if your are a great Singer How do you get your talent known?

Get involved in your local musical theater, learn to play piano/guitar (those are the main instruments) and make sure you join choir & sing ANY opportunity you get. Whether it's singing in front of your church, or at a 2 year old's birthday party. Then after you have experience, you no matter where ( Full Answer )

Why is rapper jay-z and singer Beyonce devil worshipers?

Absolutely not! I understand where the rumor of "devil worshipers" came from.However any educated person would tell you the root of all evilisn't money, but the want for money, "human greed" as for jay-z hissignature hand sign supposedly resembles the illuminati symbol andtherefore he and his girl ( Full Answer )

How can you get known as a rapper?

Try rapping for your friends.Post videos on Myspace,You Tube,Facebook,etc. of you rapping.Try sending written raps in the mail to a local radio station to get noticed or hooked on a label.Sending raps directly to a music record company is a good idea too.

Who is the greatest singer ever known?

There really isn't a best singer, but here is a list of people I like myself: 1. Katelyn Moore 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Carrie Underwood 4. Taylor Swift 5. Katy Perry 6. Selena Gomez 7.Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) 8.Debby Ryan AND MORE!

Which singers and rappers are apart llluminati?

Alot of people believe in illuminate and alot of people don't. I looked up to alot of singers my favorite was AAliyah. When i went to my moms house to visit her i asked her y did she take all of her Aaliyah pictures down and she said because Aaliyah was a sacrifice to illuminate. I didnt no wat it w ( Full Answer )

Who Singer or actor known as The king?

Elvis Presley is the singer that was known as The King. He was TheKing of Rock and Roll, and although he has been dead for years, hestill has fans.

Who is not in the illuminati like singers and Rappers?

Every single one of them. Not a single person alive today is a member of the Illuminati. TheIlluminati does not exist, has not existed since they were bannedand hunted down in the last part of the 18th century.

How can a singer get known if shes 9?

If shes goes to a famous talent show like Americas Got Talent or Great Britain's got Talent. Also if shes goes to American Idol, or The voice

What famous singers and rappers are from Mississippi?

Elvis Presley (Tupelo), Jimmy Buffet (Pascagoula), B. B. King (IttaBena), Charlie Pride (Sledge), Faith Hill (Star), Leotyne Price(Laurel), Paul Overstreet (Vancleave and Newton), Paul Davis(Meridian), The guys that form 3 Doors Down (Escatawpa), Lance Bass(Jackson), LeeAnn Rimes (Pearl), Bo Diddley ( Full Answer )

What is the singer Marina known for?

Marina went by the stage name Marina and the Diamonds. She is of Welsh origin, and rose to number 2 on the BBC Sound of 2010 list. She had produced a good number of albums.

What is the middle name of the rapper known as Trina?

American rapper "Trina" was born with the name Katrina Levergne Taylor December 3, 1978. Trina is just the stage name this particular artist uses, and who could blame her for that?

What was the rock singer Viktorija known for?

Viktorija is the stage name of a Siberian, female singer named SneÅ_ana MiÅÁkovi€à. Her carrer started in 1976 and, after stopping and starting back a few times, is still active now. She is mostly known for her "raspy voice".

What is the singer 'Emon' popularly known for?

"Eamon" is an American singer. He is best known for the song "[Expletive] It (I Don't Want You Back)," which topped a number of international charts after its release in 2003.

What is the singer Makano best known for?

Makano is known for his first album Te Amo which was very successful in the USA and Central America. He has won a number of awards including "Best Breakthrough Artist".

Which rapper is known as the 'Fazer'?

Richard Rawson is the rapper that is known as the 'Fazer'. He is an English rapper, producer, DJ and songwriter. He was born February 5th, 1987. Which was a Thursday.

Who is known as the Game Rapper?

Born in November 29, 1979, Jayceon Terrell Taylor is the name of a famous American rapper and actor, known by his stage name The Game. Game is best known for being one of Dr. Dre's proteges.

Which rapper is known as the Keak Da Sneak?

The rapper Charles Toby Williams is known by his artist alias Keak Da Sneak. Keak Da Sneak is known as an rap and hip artist from the city of Oakland in the state of California in America.

When was the rapper known as Lil Cease born?

The rapper Lil Cease was born on August 20, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. His real name is James Lloyd and he released his first album in 1995 with the Junior Mafia.

Who was the female rapper known as Pepa?

The female rapper and hip hot music artist, whose stage name is known as "Pepa" is known formally as Sandra Denton, born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1969.

What is American rapper Jel known for?

The American rapper Jel is well known for his use of SP-1200 and MPC2000XL to create drum beats with little or even no sequencing like playing the drums via the sample pads.

What was Peter Singer known for?

Peter Singer was known for his opinions about animals status and rights.He was an australian philosopher, and a professor for bioethics.Peter Singer also wrote a book called "Animal Liberation"

When was Mia Frye born?

Mia Frye was born on February 12, 1965, in New York City, New York, USA.

When was Mia Love born?

Mia Love was born on December 6, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA.

When was Mia Oremovic born?

Mia Oremovic was born on July 31, 1918, in Slavonska Pozega, Austro-Hungarian Empire [now Croatia].

When was Mia Pankau born?

Mia Pankau was born on February 14, 1891, in Friedland in Oberschlesien, Upper Silesia, Germany [now Korfantw, Opolskie, Poland].