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The worst fire in Philadelphia history was the 1963 Fretz Building fire, a 12 alarm blaze, that happened in 1963 at 10th & Diamond Streets. Though I am not exactly sure if that is West Philadelphia. The fire burned so hot that it actually started igniting fires around it due to heat alone. I am a Survivor of that fire which was located in North Phila. at 10th & Diamond Sts. It was on Jan 1st, new years eve. This fire destroyed "3" blocks of homes, melted cars, blew up the corner bar at the end of my street which was separated from the building by a very small alley. I still keep in touch with some others who lived there also. The Osage ave. fire that happened some years later in Phila. was not the largest.. the Fretz building was to this date! Most of us were routed from our homes late that evening and I was just a small boy that was playing with my Christmas toys. My understanding to this date is that there were no fire company ladders that reached the top of the "10" story brick and wood building that burned and I have never known the cause of the fire!

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Q: Where was the worst fire in the West Philadelphia area?
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