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A tsunami is a wave that is usally caused by either an undersea earthquake or by a land slip into the sea. Tsunamis were once called tidal waves.

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How can we prevent tsunamis?

Tsunamis cannot be prevented.

How can tsunamis be prevented?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent tsunamis.

What are the warnings of tsunamis?

Thailand has radars to detect tsunamis

Can tsunamis be prevented?

No, tsunamis cannot be prevented, but they can be avoided.

What do tsunamis tell us about the earth?

tsunamis are cool

How are tsunamis and earthquakes alike?

Tsunamis are triggered by earthquakes

Do tsunamis have jellyfish?

the tsunamis can carry jellyfish along

What are volcanic tsunamis?

Tsunamis that are triggered by volcanic eruptions

Are there tsunamis in Greece?

are there tsunamis in greece

How does wind affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Can India have tsunamis?

Yes, of course, India can have tsunamis.

What else causes an tsunamis?

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes.

Are tsunamis rare?

Well tsunamis are an underwater earthquake, and if earthquakes are sort of rare tsunamis are rare. So yes.

Are volcanoes more dangerous than tsunamis and earthquakes?

Tsunamis are

What can tsunamis do?

Tsunamis can do serious damage and kill manny people

How do tsunamis start?

Earthquakes in or near the ocean start tsunamis.

How do tsunamis get so powerful?

tsunamis get powerful by the force of nature .

Where in the us has the most tsunamis?

California is the state that has the most tsunamis.

Who invented tsunamis?

No one. A tsunamis is a natural outcome of an earthquake.

What are tsunamis triggered by?

Tsunamis are triggered by earthquakes due to vibrations.

Can tsunamis be stopped before striking?

No. Tsunamis cannot be stopped.

How does wind speed affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Are tsunamis formed by erosion?

No. Tsunamis are usually triggered by earthquakes.

How do tsunamis smell?

tsunamis have a smell that can kill asian people

Does illegal logging cause tsunamis?

Landslides, yes.Tsunamis, no.

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