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An oasis is a waterhole in the desert.

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Q: Where water is available in the middle of a desert?
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Can you farm in a desert?

If water is available for irrigation a desert can be farmed.

A small body of fresh water in the middle of the desert?

A small body if fresh water in the middle of the desert is known as an oasis.

What is a oais?

Oasis is water in the middle of the desert.

Is a desert very productive?

A desert can be productive if water is available for irrigation.

What is the water that is available for drinking in the desert?

That which you carry in with you.

Where is water available in a desert area?

Water is available in an oasis or t a river or stream that passes through a desert. In some cases it can be found not far below the surface.

How do plants of the Middle East desert adapt to their environment?

Plants in the Middle East are used to the desert. They are able to store water and use it when necessary.

What is a small body of water of freshwater in the middle of the desert?


What do you call this when you find water and plants in the middle of a desert?

An oasis

What is a narrow body of fresh water in the middle of the desert?

An oasis

Is water readily available in the desert?

NO! Why in the world will there be water in a desert,there is barely plants and animals living there! It is the hottest and dryest biome.

What is an oasis region?

An oasis is a place in a desert where ground water reaches the surface, usually as a spring. The water allows more plants to flourish than in the surrounding desert.