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Where were Jews being relocated?


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they were being relocated to concentration camps,where they got killed.


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The Jews were told that they were being 'resettled' or 'relocated' ... and were told to take stuff with them.

the johansenstried to save the rosensfrom being relocated by the jews

most were relocated to the extermination centres, others were relocated to concentrations camps or other ghettos. They were relocated either by lorry or by train, or by foot.

The Nazis used subterfuge to persuade them that they were being relocated for work and nothing more.

Jews were relocated under Hitler's command throughout the war.

The Allies and the Underground Resistance tried to help thousands of Jews escape from occupied countries and get relocated elsewhere. The majority of the Jews relocated to the United States and Israel. Once the war was over the Jews were freed from the concentration camps and cared for. The survivors were eventually relocated. The dead ones were properly buried. The Allied Forces made the Germans bury the Jews.

Mostly Jews & German enemies relocated there by the Germans.

The hermits are being relocated and the holes filled in.

Jews have settled in every country on the African continent, but predominantly n the North African countries. Today, most African Jews have relocated to Israel or the U.S.

yes, but soldiers only carry out the wishes of politicians

The Nazis under Adolph Hitler's authority were responsible for this heinous act.

Throughout the book, the German's are the main problem. Always stopping the Jews, questioning them, etc.The conflict in the book Number The Stars is that all the Jews in Denmark are being "relocated". While Ellen's family goes away, they leave Ellen (who is Jewish) with Annemarie, her best friend.

Nope. The Nazis were kind of what you'd call Hitler's followers. They relocated the Jews from their homes and were going to kill them, but the Jews escaped by boats to Sweden.

Most of the Jews were rounded up just by putting them in line and taking role and putting them in a really small ship and sended them east and most of the Jews died along the way and they didn't care sadly.

The Jews "relocated" to America so that they could escape from the religious persecution that they were receiving in their home countries, and they also wanted a chance to live and prosper in a better economy (not that it is today).

they prentended they were not jews

Jews were relocated to Death Camps. 22,000 soldiers died when the walked/marched 60 miles.

At first, yes, but primarily only to go to work. Eventually that was suspended, and then, eventually, they were relocated to concentration camps.

Germans were not told that the Jews were being exterminated at the time, they believed that the Jews were being re-settled in the east.

the ghettos were sealed of parts of the cities, so many of the Jews did not have to go far, they would be rounded up and (as far as i know) walk to the ghettos with the small amount of belongings they had.

He does not like jews because he thinks they are mean when he is being mean to the jews.

Anacondas are being relocated to better habitats and they are in breeding programs. Just like gaters. The Animal Expert ;)

Being against Jews is called anti-Semitism.

The Jews were scared of being caught running away

It happened at different times in different parts of the country. The process started in October 1939 and continued till about March 1941.

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