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Where were cell phone made?

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At cell phone factories

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what is a cell phone keypad made out of

The first cell phone was made by Martin Cooper in 1973. :-)

America what kind of cell phone

there is no cell phone made in nz.

The first cellphone ever made was by Martin Cooper. It was invented in April in 1973.

a cell phone is made out of metal plastic and wires and bateries all put together

A kind of intelligent cell phone made by Google corporation.

Marty copper made the droid phone

Martin Cooper and his team made the first cell phone while working for Motorola in 1973.

Bell labs made a first cell phone in 1947, but Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973 made a cell phone most like we have today.

The CLS1110 cell phone is made by Motorola. For further information on this type of cell phone one may ask the representative at a cell phone provider.

The first cell phone was made in belgium in 1982

the first cell phone was made by Motorola which was made in 1915 in America which means I'm gay

The idea of cell phones dates to the 1920's and police radios. The first cell phone was made by Bell labs in 1947, but it wasn't until 1974 when Dr. Cooper of Motorola made the first cell phone we would call a cell phone for the government. In 1984 the first cell phone was sold to the public.

A cell phone is not a simple machine, but it is made up of simple machines.

The cell phone idea actually started in the 1920's with police radios and then in 1947 Bell labs made a cell type phone. It was in 1973 that Dr. Martin Cooper made the first cell phone like the ones we have today.

There is always a possibility of finding cell phone batteries in any shop. But I would buy cell phone batteries at your local cell phone retailer, or the company that made your phone.

They made phone calls with them.

One can find cell phone covers made of several materials and colours. The most common materials used for cell phone covers are leather, plastic and hard polymer.

not a basic cell phone. it can be used on cell phone that were specifically made for email and facebook and twitter, phones that can handles alot of typing and a phone that can load fast.

more than millions of them are made for cell phones

Cell phones are made of lead, mercury, berlyium, arsenic, silver nickel and many more elements in the periodic table. Cell phone batteries are made of nickel, lithium, cobalt, zinc, cadmium, and copper. These are the main elements of the cell phone and cell phone batteries.

The cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. The first one was made in New York.

They needed to have a way to transmit the calls. Their solution was cell phone towers which allow the phones to carry a signal and make calls.

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