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Q: Where were red panda's homes found?
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Where are red pandas found?

Red Pandas are found in Northern India and Nepal. They are also found in eastern Chinacentrel china

What is happening to red pandas homes?

they are being burned by people.

On what continent do red pandas live?

Red pandas are found primarily in China - Asia.

Where is a wolf panda found?

Wolf pandas are nonexistent, but red pandas, which resemble raccoons are found in China. All pandas are found in Asia though.

Are pandas only found in China?

Giant pandas are found only in China. Red pandas are found in China and a few surrounding countries.

What animals are found in the USA?

red pandas.

In which country are red pandas found?


Are red pandas found in India?


Are red pandas pandas?

Yes, they are pandas. They are not considered a bear, though. They are more closely related to the raccoon and skunk. Red pandas where found before the Giant panda was.

Where are red pandas found in the wild?

Sichuan province

Do red pandas live in the Daintree Rainforest?

No, red pandas are mostly found in China and do not occur in any part of Australia.

What do mountain pandas eat?

I have no idea what you mean by "mountain pandas". Both red and giant pandas are found in mountainous areas.

Where in the map are red pandas found?

Red pandas live in the mountains of Nepal and northern Myanmar (Burma), as well as in central China.

Are pandas found in India Nepal Russia or Korea if so which ones?

Red pandas are found in a small area of India and Nepal.

What are the kinds of pandas?

There are giant pandas and then the unrelated red pandas.

What is the range of a red panda?

"Red Pandas are mostly found in the bamboo forests of Asia"

Which is more endangered the giant panda or t he red panda?

the red panda is more endangered that is why you dont hear about it much red pandas are not found at most zoos like most giant pandas and if you go to china you might see plenty giant pandas but not as many red pandas red pandas are related to raccoons too!

Are pandas red?

Some pandas are red.

From what country do pandas come?

Giant pandas are naturally found only in central China, red pandas are found in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, northern India, Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

What is the difference between red pandas and black and white pandas?

red pandas are red and black and white pandas are black and white

How do red pandas meet their habitat?

pandas can be red?

Is there such thing as red pandas?

no they are red racoon's not pandas

Are red pandas actually red?

Red pandas are a reddish brown.

What continent do red panders liv?

Red Pandas are naturally found in Asia. Specifically, they can be found in Nepal, Myanmar, and central China.

Are red pandas rare?

Yea red pandas are one of the most pandas endanger