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I believe that International Business Machines built the first computers for sale, and they were basically built according the the customers requirements. Other companies followed suit, such as Burroughs. It was not until IBM introduced the 360 model that a standardized computer was offered for sale.

The first commercial computer in the US (sold in quantity more than one and designed to the manufacturer's specification, not the customer's) was made by Remington Rand beginning in 1951, it was the UNIVAC I. IBM followed in 1952 with its 701.

IBM's 709, 7090, 7094, and 7094 II scientific computer line and 705 I, 705 II, 705 III, and 7080 business computer line; long predated the 360 family as standardized compatible computers. The main thing the 360 family did in 1964 was produce a unified scientific/business computer architecture covering a wide range of implementation and price/performance options, making it attractive to a wider customer base.

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Q: Where were the first computers available for sale?
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