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Where will Pokemon rocks America be in 2009?

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Will there be a place in 2009 that you can get a mystic ticket for pokemon fire red?

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Pokemon rocks America is an event held in real life in various parts of the USA

trhu a Nintendo event Pokemon rocks America or gameshark

Pokemon Rocks America was sort of like a Pokemon Convention. They had shows, people walking around in Pokemon Costumes, demos of new Pokemon games, and of course the chance to download a special Pokemon/item not avalible anywhere else. I went to the Pokemon Rocks America 2005, where the Mystic Ticket was given away. There was a huge line. I'm not sure when another one will take place though.

I'm pretty sure that you have to go to a convention like Pokemon rocks America.

Pokemon Platinum is out in japan and is coming out in 2009 in America and UK

Use an action replay or go to a Nintendo event such as Pokemon Rocks America

In America, yes. Pokemon Platinum is the 3rd addition to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The rocks of North America are those rocks from which the continent is formed.

Tristin F. was the first person in America to beat Pokemon platinum. She beat it on Nov. 7, 2009.

it will be out in America on November 20th 2009

The Pokemon rock in Pokemon diamond is required to use a Pokemons power. There are fire rocks, water rocks, wind rocks, and magic rocks. Do not snort the magic rocks though, they will surely mess you up.

They normally come out some time after they come out in Japan. The next Pokemon game to come out is Pokemon Platinum, they say that it will come out in America some time in 2009.

Pokemon Platinum is coming to USA ( United States of America) May 22 2009

pokemon rockspokemon totaly rockspokemon is the best thing in the whole worldgo to the top of the mt. pryre and u will see a chimecopokemon rocks

AnswerPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky was released on April 18th 2009 in Japan; on October 12th 2009 in America and on November 20th 2009 in Europe (and presumably Australia).

19,june 2009 in america, out already in japan---LOL wrong dude err watever, its coming out on June 30th 2009 in America... megaman starforce rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! chocolate

AnswerPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky was released on April 18th 2009 in Japan; October 12th 2009 in America and on November 20th 2009 in Europe (presumably including Australia).

Live Pokemon EventsThis is simple. All you need to do is drive to the Pokemon Center in New York City. Or, you can drive to a special Nintendo event that may be held in your area, such as Pokemon Rocks America.

In Japan its out already, but in America it comes out on March 22 2009

It came out November 20, 2009 on cartoon network.

platinum is coming to America in 2009 ask someone in japan

Japan is releasing Pokemon Platinum this spring and it will be released in America in 2009. It is made as an add-on to the Diamond and Pearl games for the DS, like Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Yellow were.

game shark action replay or a Nintendo event like "Pokemon rocks America 2004"

Skip Rocks - 2009 was released on: USA: 1 April 2009 (limited)

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