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Real evidence that a yeti is real might be found in places that it is said to inhabit. One of the places is in the Himalayan Mountains in the country of Tibet.

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Q: Where will you find real evidence that a yeti is real?
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Is the Yete monster real?

scientists still are unknown about if the yeti is real but the evidence is pointing to no it is not real.

Are the yeti and the bigfoot real creatures?

Most people don't believe they are real, or at least are exceedingly skeptical. There is no evidence that has not later been shown to be bogus.

Is the yeti real on Poptropica?

The Yeti is the very last Cryptid you will find on Poptropica. You have to chase him through the woods and find his home, then stop Gretchen from stealing him. This is the end of the Island..

Is there such thing as a yetti?

No one has proven it to be true, but no one can prove there isn't a yeti.But I'm sure he is real.

Bigfoot and yeti ect are real?

they are real

How do you steal the yeti scalp on poptropica?

you don't. find evidence for all the other ones them mews will give you a new location.

Are yetis endangered?

There is no positive evidence that the Yeti exists

Is Yeti crab real?

The yeti crab or yeti lobster is a real animal its scientific name is Kiwa Hirsuta. It was first discovered in 2005 in the South pacific ocean. It's actually more commonly known as yeti lobster.

Does yeti exist?

It is unknown whether Yeti's are real or not. There are 'sightings' but they are not confirmed to be a real Yeti. Even if there was/is, it would probably just be an over-sized monkey with white fur, or a mountain gorilla of such.

Are Antarctic Yeti like creatures real?

Usally many people say that yeti live on snowy mountains but it 's not real

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You can't find a yeti this is about Pixie Hollow not Rappelz!

Is the mars yeti real?

i'm afraid not.