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you could go to a Home Depot, lowes or menards however going to a garden center or greenhouse by your home will give you a healthier plant and also support your local economy. plus if you have any questions, ask these people! they are in the business to sell flowers so therefore they know the flowers! chances are slim to none that the bigbox businesss will help you!

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Where can you buy potted trees and flowers?

One can buy potted trees and flowers at a market which specialised on plants. There are also many different small shops that sell plants. Also there is the possibilty to buy plants on the internet.

How do you sell the plants on animal crossing wild world?

Mable will buy flowers from you.

How can you keep your plants watered if you go on holiday?

depends on how long you are away..there's these bulbs you can buy that automaticly water the plants for a few days

Where can a person buy energy efficient light bulbs?

There are many places a person can buy energy efficient light bulbs. Some of the best places to buy these bulbs would be Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart.

Build a bearville how do you water the flowers?

It depends, if they are actual flowers, than you can not, but if they are plants, then you must go to the lumbearyard, buy a watering can,and then you can water your plants................... For more exciting news go to

What are the characteristics of Dahlia flower?

Dahlias have rings of petals and come in a variety of shapes of flowers and individual petals. They grow from bulbs or tubers. In temperate climates, the bulb needs to be stored inside. Or you can treat it as an annual and just buy new bulbs every year.

Where would you go to buy plants?

You usually go to a "Nursery" to buy plants.

Where can you buy floor lamp light bulbs?

my guess would be Lowes.

Can you buy light bulbs at a grocery store?

Yes, you can buy light bulbs.

What plants do people buy?

People buy all kinds of plants: houseplants, vegetable plants for gardens, fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, grape plants, landscape plants like trees and shrubs, flowers, vines, ground covers, herbs, and others.

Where do florists get there flowers and plants?

Normally, there are these enormous warehouses that act like a market. Early in the morning, the florists will buy the flowers they want and then transport them to their shop.

Where to buy Data Projector Bulbs?

You can buy data projector bulbs at projector

What kinds of stores can one buy plants at in Des Moines Iowa?

The best place to buy plants in Des Moines, Iowa is the Bob Lenc Garden Center of Iowa. There, you can buy trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants that you may find useful.

What would you buy Persephone?

Flowers, something beautiful in nature.

Should you buy him flowers to apoligize?

I wouldn't buy him flowers, but I would definitely talk to him face to face. Give him a hug and an "I"m really sorry"

Where to buy online led bulbs in UK?

you can easilly buy online led bulbs from

Where can you buy jasmine flowers in the US?

Home Depot, Loews,etc. Any places that sell plants really.

Which flowers should I buy my parents?

I would buy flowers that are the color orange, red, and yellow. These are fall colors and will be perfect for their anniversary. If you can not find any local flowers of this color just go online and order some.

Could you buy flowers if you were a Tudor?

If you were a Tudor you could buy flowers but they were expensive.

How do you know what color your seeds are when you buy them on Moshi Monsters?

There is no way to know the color of the flowers when you buy the seeds on Moshi Monsters. The seeds grow into random colors after you plants them so you have to wait until the flowers bloom before you know the color.

Can you grow marijuana with regular light bulbs -?

You can, but your plant/plants will more than likely be stunted and will grow weakly. You would have to stake them up with a stick, probably. Your best bet would be to go to your local hardware store and buy a grow bulb.

Did Flowers Bakery or Bimbo Bakery buy Merita Breads or any of its plants?

Yes they did, according to the union. The problem with this is that Flowers will not honor the contract and will not keep the employees on. Also the Orlando, Birmingham and Jacksonville plants will close shortly and all these people will be out of a job.

Where can you buy green flowers?

"There is actually a green flower. Its a term meaning an organic flower. You can buy a ""Green"" Flower you can try Organic Bouquet, they sell organic plants"

When would you buy interflora flowers?

On occasions that I would use inerflora flowers for mother's day. I would also use it for someone who has a spring birthday, or maybe for the Fourth of July as well.

What colour flowers to buy for funeral?

you should buy flowers of white orchid color