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It does not have a distributor, it has coil packs. Look at the link below.


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The 4 cylinder doesn't have one. The 6 cylinder distributor is in the very back on top. Picture of engine to point out the distributor.

A faulty alternator, for one. A loose distributor cap, for two. No gas, for three. And many more.

where is the distributor on an 2001 suzuki esteem

The camshaft position sensor on a 2001 Dodge Ram 5.2 is inside the distributor, under the rotor.

2001 Honda prelude distributor timing on 2.2

The 2.7L does not have a distributor.The 2.7L does not have a distributor.

If it has one, it would be inside the distributor, so the distributor would have to be removed and rebuilt, or replaced. Check the warranty first on your vehicle.

how do you replace the starter on a 2001 montero sport?

Points, no. Distributor cap, yes.Points, no. Distributor cap, yes.

The distributor with distributor cap is at the back of the engine ( just follow the spark plug wires )

rotor should point at number 1 plug lead when engine is at tdc make a mark with whiteout ,on outside of distributor before you remove distributor cap. make this mark where the #1 spark plug lead would be if distributor cap was on distributor when you remove cap this is where rotor needs to be pointing

No, the last year that GM used points in their distributor was in 1972.

what front and rear end are in a 2001 wrangler sport 4.0

There was only a visible cam sensor on '98-2001 Explorer 302's. If you have a distributor, your cam sensor is in the distributor. If you don't have a distributor, it is where the distributor used to be on the front of the intake manifold.

It's in the distributor. The whole distributor gets replaced when you nneed a new one.

The height for that 2001 Ford Explorer Sport is 68.2 inches.

On the 2000 model it is part of the distributor and you either replace complete distributor or try to dismantle the distributor and replace sensor only.

Back of the engine, next to the distributor.Back of the engine, next to the distributor.

firing order pick up s10 2001

Actually it doesn't have a distributor or distributor cap The 2001 Ford Crown Victoria has the Coil On Plug ( C.O.P. ) ignition system with ( 8 ) individual coils

there is not one. it is computer run thru cam shaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. but no distributor.

Where is the picture of the los pressure port on a ford 2001 located

ITV Sport Channel was created in 2001.

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