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Progressive. So far they're the only ones Ive found. But $$$$$$$$$$!! -Sudeepti

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Q: Where would someone with a learners permit in the state of New York go to get insurance?
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Can you drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit?

You can drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit. You need to be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21, and you have to have valid insurance.

Do you need insurance when your child just got her learners permit?

This varies by state law. Ask your insurance company.

Is there an insurance company in Maryland that offers insurance for someone with a learners permit only?

Any Insurance Company authorized in your state may write an Auto Insurance Policy for a driver with a learners permit. Some simply choose not to do so because they will consider a new driver high risk. Just call around or search online until you find one who will accept the risk.

In the state of Georgia does a person with just a learners permit have to have auto insurance?

no. because as long as the parents has insurance they are fine. And this is only if the parent adds them on their insurance.

Can you drive in the state of Florida on a learners permit without insurance?

The VEHICLE that you are driving must be properly insured.

If you have a Florida state learners permit can you drive in Michigan with it?

Only if you are with someone who is over 21

Do you need insurance to get a permit in the state nc?

No you don't i just talked to my drivers' ed teacher and he said that you don't need to have insurance for just a learners permit. You only needed when you get your full licences

If you relocate at 16 before you get your license but have had your permit for a year do you have to get a new learners permit and if so how long until you can get your license?

If you relocate to a different state you will have to get a new learners permit. However, if you relocate within the same state you do not need a new learners permit.

Can someone with a Maine learners permit drive in other states?

no. your not allowed to drive in any state but your own.

Can you drive in SC with an out of state learners permit?


Is it legal to drive in South Carolina with New York state learners permit?

It is not legal to drive in South Carolina with New York learners permit. You have to say in New York with that. Learners have to stay in New York cause its a New York state learners permit.

If you have MD learners permit can you drive in PA with out of state learners permit?

You can drive out-of-state on a learner's permit, so long as the state you're driving in permits it. Pennsylvania is one of the states which does not recognise an out-of-state learner's permit, however, so your answer would be no.

What happens if you get a reckless driving ticket with a learners permit?

If a person with only a learners permit gets a reckless driving ticket, they will have to pay the ticket. Depending on the state they may be required to attend classes, and their insurance rates will go up.

When you are eighteen do you need a learners permit?

Everyone who does not already have a license (and never did in that state) needs a learners permit, even if you are 50

How many times can you renew motorcycle learners permit?

in the state of Virginia how many times can you renew the motorcycle learners permit ?

Can a Texas learners permit drive in AR MO IL IN or MI?

As long as there is a licensed driver over the age of 21 at all times when the driver with the learners permit is driving, there is absolutely no problem with someone driving with a learners permit in a state other than where it was issued. When my son had his learners permit, we took a 2 week vacation and traveled across several state lines - he drove 75% of the trip - we were never stopped.

Can you drive out of state on a learners permit for the state of South Carlina?

It depends on the state. For example, in Kentucky, you can drive with an out-of-state learner's permit only if you are 16 or older. Any learner's permit distributed to someone under the age of 16 is void.

If your 18 and you already have your learners permit do you have to go to a driving school to get your license?

no but sometimes your insurance will be cheaper if you do. but it will depend also on what state you live in

Can you drive a car without insurance if you have a learners permit?

In my state WV the answer is no. You can not. It might be diffrent in other states but I don't think so.

What are good car insurance that will accept learners permit?

Depending on the state, all states allow properly licensed young drivers with a learners permit to operate a vehicle. This is to assume that the young driver is listed on the policy as he should be as a driver on the policy.

Can someone with A Vermont Learners Permit Drive In New Hampshire?

No, No. Along with D.C., Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Arizona, and South Carolina, New Hampshire does not permit operation of a vehicle within their state on an out-of-state learner's permit.

How late can you drive with a learners permit in New York?

In the state of New York you are allowed to drive with your learners permit from 5am to 9pm

Cost of learners permit?

Depends on the state you live in.

If you have a learners permit in Australia can you transfer it to the state of Florida?


How old do you have to be to get your learners drivers permit?

What state? What country?