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Where would the timing marks on a 96 Mazda millenia would be?

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Installing the timing belt on a Millenia. I have a Mazda Millenia with a 2.5 liter engine that I just replace the timing belt and tensioner on. In the explanation left and right are in reference to how you are looking at the engine. The timing marks are hard to find. Above the crank sprocket, there is an upside down triangle cast into the block. Behind the crank sprocket, there is a flat disc that rotates with the sprocket. This disc has a notch in it that needs to be lined up with the upside down triangle. Looking at the front of the engine, the camshaft to your right has an arrow on the sprocket. Line this up with the very small tick cast into the block. This should line up the arrow at about a 10:00 o'clock position. On the camshaft located on your left, the original factory tick mark for timing can't be seen without a mirror when the engine is in the vehicle. So, as an afterthought, Mazda came up with another solution. There are two tick marks on the block at about the 12:00 o'clock postion. On the camshaft sprocket are two small drilled out holes that need to line up with these two tick marks. If you haven't already, the hydrolic tensioner needs to be removed, compressed, pinned, and reinstalled. Then remove the idler pulley just below the camshaft sprocket located to your right. Route the belt over the crankshaft, right side idler pulley, right side cam sprocket, tensioner idler, and then left side cam sprocket. While putting tension on the belt, reinstall the missing idler pulley. Then remove the pin from the tensioner releasing tension on the belt. Rotate the crankshaft twice and recheck the timing.

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Would you buy a nice looking 2001 Mazda millenia with 136700miles on it for 2500?

Yes, I would buy the vehicle.

Do you have to program the key for a 2000 Mazda?

It depends on what model of Mazda you have. My 2000 Mazda millenia doesn't. It does have reverse teeth though. I would have to go to a dealer to get another one made for it.

Are front and rear struts for a 1997or any year Mazda 626 compatible with a 1997 Mazda Millenia?

I checked my info and I would say they are different. Gabriel does not show anything for the Millenia, so I would say that the Millenia most have something exotic. Dealer only is my bet. email me at if u need more help. Matt

Where are the timing marks for rover 216?

would like a picture

Where would I look for timing marks on a 1989 Ford Escort 1.9 How would I set the timing marks?

If memory serves me correctly, the timing marks will be behind the timing belt cover. There will be marks on the gears and also marks on the block. Line the top gear with the top mark and the bottom gear with the bottom mark. Please note that you will need to undo the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect. This allows the computer to reset itself. Hope this helps

What could make a 97 Mazda millenia turn but not crank?

A broken Timing Belt would do it. Also the engine electronics are very sensitive, so a SINGLE electrical wire to a critical component would also leave it unable to start - but the battery will still crank it over.

How do you make sure your marks are lined up correctly when installing a new timing belt?

TIMING MARKS - '91 EXCELI would very much appreciate an answer to the following question: How do I line up the timing marks to a 1991 Hyundai Excel (so that I know I've correctly set/repaired the vehicle)?Because the marks to be aligned are beneath the level of the fender, you need to use a mirror to ensure that the timing marks are properly aligned.But where do the timing marks have to be lined up with please???

Where are the timing marks on cam gear on a 3.1v6 Chevy Lumina 91?

the timing marks are not on crankgear on cam gear Chevy Lumina 3.1 1995 would it be keyway to keyway

What would cause 1995 Mazda Millenia Clock AC and Radio to suddenly stop working?

chack for a blown fuse or fuses.

What would cause smoke from muffler of a Mazda Millenia?

if is the 2.3l, only when started the car,its the supercharged seal to will be replaced. Just'n Style

Does a 2000 Mazda Protege have a timing belt or chain?

According the manual book ,mazda proteges 2000 has timing belt and should be replace at 105 K miles .Hope would help .

Where is bank 1 sensor 2 on a 1997 Mazda millenia?

bank one is the rear head, sensor 2 would be the lower one

Did the Mazda6 replace the Millenia?

The Mazda6 was introduced for the 2003 model year to replace the Mazda 626. The Mazda6 was designed to be a more sophisticated and upscale car than the 626 because it would be the company's "flagship" or top model since the Millenia was also discontinued at the same time. But there wasn't a direct replacement for the Millenia. The Millenia was introduced as a 1995 model and replaced the Mazda 929. Mazda was planning their own luxury/performance line (called "Amati") to compete with Acura, Lexus and the other premium brands. The Millenia was intended to be the first of three planned Amati models, but the plan was dropped due to cost issues before it got any further than the Millenia. The Millenia sold in much lower numbers than originally planned. A $35k luxury sedan with a Mazda badge was a tough sell against Acura, Lexus and Infiniti models for the same price.

How can i find timing marks 1998 vortec eng?

I could be wrong, but I have a Vortec 350 in a GMC truck and I think the computer handles the ignition timing. If your talking about valve timing I would assume there are marks on the timing gears like the days of old, but I haven't torn the timing cover off of mine yet.

What causes the car to not start after changing the timing belt on a 1999 Mazda millenia 2.5?

You did not install the belt correctly. It is more than likely out of time. I would advise you to have an expert look at it. You're lucky in that this is not an interference engine otherwise you would've had serious damage when you attempted to start the engine.

Why would A 1995 Plymouth Neon backfire and not want to crank after replacing broken timing belt and lining up timing marks?

You may have lined up the timing marks, but I have had some cars that if you don't have the slack on the correct side of the tensioner pully, when you tighten the belt it causes the camshaft to move about 1 tooth off making it out of time. Check the timing marks again.

How do you set timing marks on new timing sprokets?

Read the instructions that come with the new timing chain and gears. Generally, you would install the gears so that when the engine is #1 TDC the timing mark on the big gear is straight down and the timing mark on the smaller gear is straight up. There is an exception in that some model years have both timing marks in the 12 o'clock position.

What are the timing marks for 1993 sunbird 2 liter?

The timing mark for the camshaft gear has a line on the cam gear itself and then there is either a line or a dot on the timing belt rear cover. Or this should be your marks. The crank marks are going to be on the timing belt cover.. It should be at 0 but i would also get a manual to make sure you get the belt on correctly. if its off 1 mark it can mess the engine up..good luck.

Nissan laurel diesel LD28 engine timing marks?

There are two timing settings on the LD28. The injection pump has marks on the crank and pump pulleys. The belt has two marks to line up with the marks. If you are reusing the timing belt the tooth count between the marks is twenty cogs. These are aligned with the pulley marks up. If you need the cam driving chain procedure it would require a diagram to make it easy to follow so re-post and I will try to educate myself to do that. Good luck.

Where does the 2002 Mazda millenia s oil leak?

lots of places. most common would be the oil pressure switch, located right above the oil filter

What would cause a engine light to flash on a 2002 Mazda millenia?

A flashing check engine light is usually due to a misfire. see related questions below.

Where do you set the timing marks on 1970 Chevy with a 396 big block?

I would set it by ear, and performance.

What would cause exteme backfiring on a Mazda b2200?

Have the timing checked,it sounds like your timing is out,also check your distributor cap and rotor,good luck,Frank

My 2002 Mazda Millenia has 5 codes p0170 p0173 p0300 p0431 and p1173. What do these mean and bout how much would it cost me to have this all fixed?

Were you able to fix this? I have 5 codes on my 2000 Mazda millenia and 4 of them are same as above :-)The codes I have are:- P0173P0431 P0105P1173P0170 The last repair shop i went told me that it could be a vacuum leak... I am yet to fix these......

Why would a 1995 Mazda Millenia stutter out and turn over but not start?

I had the same problem. Your starter is probably going out. You can actually lightly tap the starter with a hammer and that gets it going.