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Where would the timing marks on a 96 Mazda millenia would be?


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October 08, 2008 10:09PM

Installing the timing belt on a Millenia. I have a Mazda Millenia with a 2.5 liter engine that I just replace the timing belt and tensioner on. In the explanation left and right are in reference to how you are looking at the engine. The timing marks are hard to find. Above the crank sprocket, there is an upside down triangle cast into the block. Behind the crank sprocket, there is a flat disc that rotates with the sprocket. This disc has a notch in it that needs to be lined up with the upside down triangle. Looking at the front of the engine, the camshaft to your right has an arrow on the sprocket. Line this up with the very small tick cast into the block. This should line up the arrow at about a 10:00 o'clock position. On the camshaft located on your left, the original factory tick mark for timing can't be seen without a mirror when the engine is in the vehicle. So, as an afterthought, Mazda came up with another solution. There are two tick marks on the block at about the 12:00 o'clock postion. On the camshaft sprocket are two small drilled out holes that need to line up with these two tick marks. If you haven't already, the hydrolic tensioner needs to be removed, compressed, pinned, and reinstalled. Then remove the idler pulley just below the camshaft sprocket located to your right. Route the belt over the crankshaft, right side idler pulley, right side cam sprocket, tensioner idler, and then left side cam sprocket. While putting tension on the belt, reinstall the missing idler pulley. Then remove the pin from the tensioner releasing tension on the belt. Rotate the crankshaft twice and recheck the timing.