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Where would you find a fossil?

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Would it be easier to find a fox or a moth or a jellyfish fossil?

I would think a Fox Fossil

Can you give a simple sentence for fossil?

It would be very exciting to find a fossil of a dinosaur.

You can get the root fossil in heart gold virsion game?

No you can't. You can only get it in Soul Silver. Instead you find a Claw fossil in the place where you would find the root fossil- Cliff Cave. You cannot find a Claw fossil in Soul Silver.

What would you least likely find in a fossil?

in your bed

Would you find fossil in sedimentary rocks?


Would you expect to find a fossil sponge?

yes because their are lots of them so you would find some

In fossil fighters where can you find a dropping fossil?

a dropping fossil is in a dark fossil rock you can find it anywhere

What sedimentary rock would you find a shell fragment in?

A fossil

What would you most likely find in AMBER fossil?


In which type of rock would you mostly likely find fossil?


What type of rock would you most likely not find a fossil in?


Where can I find some fossil coupon codes?

Fossil coupon codes can be found on many sites, specifically coupon code sites. However, the best place to find coupon codes would be the official website for Fossil.

Where to find fossil chips in fossil fighters?

you buy it at the fossil guild

What fossils might be found in Pokemon and how can you find them and what Pokemon do they revive and what versions can you find the fossil?

Root Fossil Claw Fossil Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber Armor Fossil Skull Fossil Rare Bone

A geologist is studying layers of rock He finds a fossil with an imprint of a shelled animal According to the law of faunal and floral succession what kind of fossil would he most likely find next?

A geologist is studying layers of rock He finds a fossil with an imprint of a shelled animal According to the law of faunal and floral succession what kind of fossil would he most likely find next is a fossil of fishes.

Would you more likely find the fossil remains of a jellyfish or a worm?


What layer of rock would you most likely find a fossil?

Igneous rock

What fossils can you find underground on Pokemon Pearl?

you can find every fossil there is in all the games: Skull fossil: cranidos, Shield fossil: Shieldon, Root fossil: Lileep, Claw fossil: Anorith, Helix fossil: Omanyte, Old Amber: Areodactyl and a Dome fossil: Kabuto OBS you can only find all of them AFTER you get the National Dex. Until then, you can only find the Shield fossil if you have Pearl, and the Skull fossil if you have Diamond

Where can you find authentic discount Fossil watches online?

The first place to check would be the actual Fossil company site. If you don't find what you want there, any retailer such as Macys, Dillards, etc should have Fossil watches available that are authentic.

Where do you find the frigisaur fossil on fossil fighters?

in the sea

Can you find fossils in quartz?

Because of the way quartz forms, it would be very unusual to find a fossil in quartz.

Where are gold fossils in fossil fighters?

You can find them in Miraculous Fossil rocks.You can find those in any Fossil Park but it is very hard to find one.They appear as Yellow dots on your sonar,but the yellow dots can also be Fossil rocks,Dark Fossil rocks,and Wonderous Fossil rocks.

Would you ever find a fossil sponge?

Fossils of sponge are numerous and are found frequently.

How many places would you find volcanoes?

Volcanoes, active, dormant or fossil are ubiquitous.

What will happen once fossil fuel resources are used up?

We would have to find alternatives