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Where would you find a freeze plug on a 1996 GMC truck?


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2004-10-18 20:59:55
2004-10-18 20:59:55

there should be three on each side of the engine bolck below the exhaust manifold They are also called casting Plugs & also Welch Plugs-They are on both sides of the block usally 1&1/2 inch on small block GM's-2 or 3 on each side - a few small ones in the heads & one in back of the engine between the transmission.


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You would find it in the front of the engine driven by the accessory belt.

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To find the man, you have to go to the school. Keep on following the road and you will see a truck. Next to the truck, there is a man. Go onto your items and click use on the no freeze wiper fluid. You need to pour the exact amount of fluid in the bowl and cup. I hope this helped you!

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there is more than one freeze plug. there is about six in the block and a couple in the cylinder head(s) depending on if it is a 4 or 6 cylinder.

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you can go to they day co we site and find the application as well as the diagram.

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