Where would you find the Republican elephant?


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Ano Nuevo state reserve

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the Republican elephant. In a cartoon that appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1874

The elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party in the US. The Republican website has information on its origins, as does Wikipedia, Wisegeek and Factmonster.

The elephant is the symbol of the Republican party.

An elephant is the republican mascot..

The Republican sign is an elephant due to a political cartoonist. Cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a cartoon in Harper's Weekly, the cartoon he drew an elephant and called it the republican vote. Since them the elephant was associated with republicans.

The Donkey is Democrat, and the Elephant is Republican.

The elephant is a symbol of the Republican party.

Democrat: Donkey Republican: Elephant

The Republican Party is represented by the elephant.

An elephant is the party symbol for the republican party.

In the late 18th-century famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast used the elephant to represent the Republican party. Nast, himself a Republican, chose the elephant as a symbol because of the animal's intelligence as well as its size. Eventually the Republican party adopted the elephant as its official symbol.

The US Republican party is represented by an elephant.

Thomas Nast drew a political cartoon in 1874 that depicted an elephant labeled as "The Republican Vote."

An elephant is the symbol of the republican party. The donkey is the symbol of the democratic party.

An elephant represents the republican party. duhhhhhy

The symbol of the Republican Party is an elephant. It was created by cartoonist Thomas Nast. The elephant is said to represent strength and dignity.

Strength and stability. In U.S. politics, the elephant symbolizes the Republican Party.

The elephant is the symbol of the GOP.

It's not; it's an elephant.

The mascot you seek is an elephant.

The elephant is the symbol of the Republican political party of the United States of America.

The Republican party is generally represented by an elephant; the Democrats by a donkey.

donkey for the Democratic Party, elephant for the Republican Party

It doesn't mean anything. The Republican animal symbol is the elephant.

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