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you would visit an orthodontist

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Q: Where would you visit if you had a crooked tooth?
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Can your new tooth come out crooked if you wiggle your loose tooth?

no it did not with me

Why would a dentist drill out a tooth and fill if there is no cavity?

The dentist is crooked, and looking to make a buck.

How long will you have braces if you have a small overbite and one crooked tooth in the bottom jaw?

one month! that is only to make sure that your crooked tooth will not get worse

When does the tooth fairy visit you?

After you lose a tooth

What to do if you have a crooked tooth and can't pull it out?

You must go to the dentist.Your other tooth[grown up] could crack the baby tooth or the other way around.

My teeth are a bit crooked is that a turn off?

It wouldn't bother me. And my sister has a thing for guys with a crooked tooth (she has it bad for Greenday's Billy Joe Armstrong).

How do you straighten a crooked front tooth?

The safest way is to go to the orthodontist. You can get a container or braces .

How to get rid of a toothache my tooth is cracked?

To get rid of your toothache, it would be best to visit a dentist and have the tooth pulled. Otherwise, you will keep having problems with it.

Why do you get braces?

Braces are for teeth that are crooked and at some orthodontics you can personalize them. Ask me any questions about braces if you would like!!!! Visit

Why does just one tooth go crooked after being straight?

Because Jesus doesn't like you.

Can tooth paste stop a sore tooth?

No,it can't you have to visit dentist.

What do I DO when a gerbil's tooth comes out?

I would visit a pet store or vet and ask them for advice. They'll know what to do.

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