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You can Get the specification For DELL XPS 400 Motherboard on this link: as well as you can visit this link as well: Hopefully this would be Helpful Regards SAMRAT

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โˆ™ 2006-09-07 22:41:58
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Q: Where you can get specification on DELL XPS 400 motherboard?
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What size motherboard is in the Dell XPS 400?

The Dell XPS 400 series uses a BTX format motherboard. A BTX motherboard measures approximately 325 by 266 milimeters.

Can i upgrade my Dell XPS 400 Intel Pentium D to Intel i7?

Yes. You can upgrade your Dell XPS 400 Intel Pentium D to Intel core i7.

What size motherboard is in the Dell Dimension XPS GEN 5?

It is an ATX motherboard. But even though it is an ATX size it is a company specific motherboard, and is not compatible with standard ATX cases.

Where can one buy a Dell XPS 17 laptop?

A Dell XPS 17 is a laptop which one can use for gaming, music, or watching movies. One can purchase the Dell XPS 17 directly from the Dell website or by calling Dell.

How much is a dell xps 630i worth?

On ebay - Dell XPS 630i - Price US $165.00

What are the laptop specifications for the Dell XPS 400?

The Dell XPS 400 is not a laptop computer. It is a desktop PC designed for gaming, meaning it has powerful graphics and sound ability. It contains two hard drives totaling 410 GB capacity and runs an Intel Pentium D processor.

Where can you buy a Dell XPS computer or laptop?

From the Dell website

What is the price range for a Dell XPS Laptop?

A price for a Dell XPS laptop will vary depending on where one would purchase it. If someone purchased a used Dell XPS laptop, that would also be less expensive than purchasing a new one. Dell XPS laptops range from $1200 to up to $2000!

What is the newest dell latitude computer?

it is the dell xps 13 ultrabook.

What is next in the range from Dell, after Dell Latitude 2100 Laptop Computer?

The Dell Studio is a logical upgrade, but you could also consider a low-end XPS such as the XPS 16.

How much should you sell s computer dell xps 400?

if it broke down and u fixed it, then about half price, and if was cuzof hard drive thrid of price, weve had alot of problems with xps's

Which is better a dell XPS or an alienware M17?

Probably an AlienWare m17, but if you don't want to get/can't get an Alienware m17, then you should use a Dell XPS.

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