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first go to the ice cave in island for then you will see a pokeball but can't get it go to the end of the cave and you'll find it also it is waterfall you'll need it to find the first elite for there you will battle onw of the team rocket guys then she will go back to her house but when you leave the island she is back at the Pokemon leageu. bye brittani

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Q: Where you can get the hm08 in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where do you get hidden move 08 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no hm08 in leaf green

What is HM08 in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no HM08 in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal has only 7 HMs that are available to use.

Where do you get HM08 in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get HM08 from Professor Oak after defeating all sixteen Gyms.

Where and how do you get HM08 in Pokemon?

You go to Steven's house in Mossdeep city. He's northwest of the Pokemon Center. When you enter, he'll give you HM08. HM08 (Dive) is exclusive to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and is obtainable in Mossdeep City from Steven who resides there. Steven

Where is HM08 on Pokemon Gold?

There are only 7 HMs.

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

How do you get HM08 in pokemon heartgold?

you have to get all the gym badges in kanto

What Pokemon can learn HM 08 in Pokemon white?

There isn't a HM08 in Generation V.

Can you get to cinnabar island gym without hm 08?

You do not need HM08 to reach Cinnibar Island. You do, however, need HM08 to search Cinnibar Island. Without HM08, all you can do is use the Pokemon Center.

How do you get a elactabuzz in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Not in Pokemon leafgreen only in Pokemon Firered never ever in Pokemon leafgreen And in Pokemon firered it is rare in power plant not available in Pokemon leafgreen?

Where is the Battle Frontier on Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon LeafGreen

How do you get Dive HM08 in the Pokemon hack version Quartz?

beat the 8th gym

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