Where you can work as RN?

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You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

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Q: Where you can work as RN?
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Related questions

Where can you work as a RN?

You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

Can a California RN work in another state?

A California RN can only be an RN in California. However, if that same RN was to get registered to be an RN in a different state, they could work there as well.

What are the work hours for an RN?

an rn can basically work any hours but it depends on what shift they work

What are the Duties for an RN?

There are many different duties for an RN, but it mainly depends on where you work.

Do Rn's work in energency care?

They can.

If you go to college to get a BSN can you work as an RN in the second year during the process?

No you cannot. To work as an RN, you must complete the program of study, received your RN degree, and passed the national licensing examination known as the NCLEX-RN.

What kind of work does an RN do?

An RN is a registered nurse. They take care of you while your in the hospital

What is the median salary of an rn?

Rn's mostly get paid 44,000 +. It depends where you live, & where you work.

Can an rn work as an rpn in Ontario?


In Pennsylvania, are there any LPN jobs that offer RN training while you work?

Unfortunately, there is no LPN jobs that offer RN training while you work

Can i work while taking RN lessons?

RN lessons are highly recommended to find to get some lessons and is useful to use. Yes you can work while taking a RN lesson although it is not recommended to do while taking this lesson.

What do rns do at work?

RN's are nurses so they work at a hspital and do nuse stuff.

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