Where you r not apply ohms law?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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in transformer

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Q: Where you r not apply ohms law?
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Formula for ohms law?

ohms=amps/volts Amps= volts/ohms Volts = Amps*Ohms

Write mathematical form of ohms law?

The mathematical form of Ohms law is I=V divided by R. I is current, V is voltage while R is the resistance.

What is the resistivity equation?

Ohms law. R = E/I,where R= resistance in ohms, E = voltage in volts, and I = current in amperes.

How do you find conductance using ohms law?

To find the conductance using ohms law,you take the inverse of the resistance(/R)

What is ohms law for determining amperage?


According to Ohm's Law what would the resistance be in a circuit with 40 volts and 8 amps?

5 Ohms Ohm's Law is V=I*R, 40V=8A*R, R=5 ohms.

Resistance in a circuit and in ohms law is represented by the letter?

The letter R is used to represent resistance. For instance, the R in a circuit is said to be 52 ohms. Just that simple.

What do the 3 letters of ohms law mean?

V = I * R V = voltage I = curernt R = resistance

What is resistance measured in a unit called?

Ohms. It can also be calculated using Ohm's Law. V=I/R where V is voltage in Volts, I is current in Amps, and R is resistance in Ohms.

An electro magnet draws 25 ampere of current and has a resistance of 10 ohms what is the voldtage being supplied?

Ohms law: E (Volts) = I (Amps) X R (Ohms) Do the math!

What is the equation to find amps?

Ohms law equations are I = W/E, I = E/R and I = Sq Root of W/R.

.Use Ohm's law to find the applied voltage if the current is 5 amperes and the resistance is 3 Ohms?

ohms law states V = I*R; V = (.005)(1000) = 5volts.