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the part is hidden in the cerulean gym by the inflated tubes toward the back. the man then runs after telling you and may come back if i am wrong feel free to edit.

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Where in Pokemon silver do you find the machine parts?

If you are talking about the kanto generator, then go to mistys gym (Cerulaen) and a rocket will be there, then follow the story from there. Suspenseful:)

What do you do After you fix the generator in Pokemon Silver?

You find the next generator and fix that one.

What does team rocket give you on the bridge battle in Pokemon soul silver?

he gives you the missing machine part for the generator at the power plant :) hope i helped :D

Where do you get the silver wing in Pokemon Silver?

You get it after defeating team rocket in the radio tower.

Where is the second generator in soul silver?

First of all, what do you mean by "second generator"? If you mean the generator in the Rocket hideout in Mahogany, then there is no second generator! All you have to do is kill all of the Electrode! Lance even tells you that!

In Pokemon soul silver were do you get the power plant generator?

In cerulean city. There will be a team rocket grunt who says it's in the gym beat him. You have to use surf in the gym. The generator is in the lawn chair on the left wall of the gym. If it is not, use the dowsing machine and find it.

Where do you get a silver wing in Pokemon Silver?

After defeating team rocket at the radio tower, the director will give you silver wing.

Where do you get silver wing in Pokemon Silver?

You have to beat the team rocket warehouse in goldenrod, and a guy gives you a silver wing at the end.

What if the team rocket member is not underground in soul silver?

They team rocket member in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver has to be there no matter what.

Where do you find the silver wing in Pokemon soul silver?

you get it after defeating team rocket in goldenrod lance gives it to you

How do you get a team rocket uniform in Pokemon soul silver?

You can wear it underground in kanto for a picture with your Pokemon only!

How do you find the silver wing in Pokemon soul silver?

You must defeat Archer of Team Rocket in the Radio Tower to get the Silver Wing.

How do you upgrade the new radio channels in soul silver?

you have to solve the problem with the generator and get it from the team rocket member who is probably Russian

In Pokemon soul silver where is the generator part?

Cerulean Gym. There's a Rocket Member in there who stole it. Chase him up Nugget Bridge and beat him. After that search through all of the piles of tubes and stuff in Cerulean Gym.

How do you get the silver wing and the rainbow wing in Pokemon Silver?

You get Silver wing After defeating the team rocket in the radio tower POKEMON SILVER ONLY. Rainbow wing Is found much later in the game After the Elite four In pewter City POKEMON SILVER ONLY.

What do you do to fix the generator in Pokemon Silver?

Go to the powerplant, they will tell you someone stole a part from the generator. Go to the gym in Cerulean City. There is a Team Rocket Grunt in there. He runs out. Follow him and then battle him. Once you defeat him he will tell you he hid the part in the Cerulean Gym. You cannot find in by the dowsing machine.

How do you beat team rocket in soul silver?

Team rocket is usually realy weak if you have Pokemon in the "teens" level it should be a breese.

How do you get the silver wing in pokemon ss?

you have to save the dude from team rocket from the radio tower

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