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Q: Whether a debenture redemption reserve deducted while calculating EPS?
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After redemption of debenture debenture reduption reserve where to transfer whether in PL Ac or in General reserve.?

After redemption of debentures, debenture redemption reserve is to be transferred to general reserve.

Debenture holder treated as member or not?

No,debenture holders are not treated as members. Debentures are mere debts and debenture holders are just creditors.They give their money to the company at a fixed interest rate.Debenture holders being creditors get guaranteed interest, as agreed, whether the company makes profit or not. Also debenture holders have no right to attend and vote at the meetings of the share holders. Answered By:- Karunakar Gautam DCE Student

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Virtually all, whether you are successful or not. Go to:,,id=210523,00.HTML

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How to calculate the value of a share of a company which is not quoted in the market. Whether the profits transferred to reserved are to be added to the subscribed amount while calculating the value of the share.

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