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..absolutely yes!

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Q: Whether dengue will come with the saliva of infected person or not?
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Why do people turn into zombies?

people turn into zombies because if an infected person bites you the saliva mixes with your blood and you become infected people turn into zombies because if an infected person bites you the saliva mixes with your blood and you become infected

How are smallpox transmitted?

it's transfered from person to person through infected saliva.

What if a person's food got infected by the saliva of a dog?

you would hllloucenate, then die.

Can hpv be transferred through saliva?

HPV is not transmitted by saliva. HPV is spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.

How do you get mumps?

Mumps is a contagious disease that is spread from person to person through contact with respiratory secretions such as saliva from an infected person.Meaning, as long as you don't get in contact with an infected person's bodily fluids, you won't get infected.

Can you catch aids from saliver?

yes/no, if the person has a cut in the mouth and it is blood in the saliva you can get infected

Is the only way to transmit the mono virus through physical contact with an infected person?

That is correct; you would have to touch the saliva or mucus of the infected person to catch it.

By spit on penis can a person get infected by AIDS?

I guess that there is no possibility of you getting infected by a woman spitting on your penis because HIV in not transmitted by saliva.

How is mumps spread?

So it can be easily spread by direct contact with saliva, like kissing of an infected person and a healthy person, or can also be spread through sharing objects contaminated with infected saliva (e.g. cups, utensils). This virus can also be spread when by breathing in droplets coming from infected persons cough or sneeze fall on a healthy person.

Can kissing transfer dengue from one person to another?

Diseases which may be transmitted via kissing include mononucleosis and herpes, in which the infectious organism is present in saliva. Research indicates that contraction of HIV via kissing is extremely unlikely, however a woman has been infected with HIV by kissing in 1997; both the woman and infected man had gum disease (so transmission was through the man's blood, not saliva. ( Wikipedia ).

Can exchange of saliva cause HIV?

No it won't; this assumes no infected blood in the saliva.

How mumps are transmitted?

Mumps is transmitted by direct contact with saliva from the mouth and discharge from the nose and throat of infected person.

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