Which country have powerful economical In the worldwide?

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HP Andro

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2023-03-28 21:00:11

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United Stata

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Hasnat Samraa

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2023-03-29 04:22:40
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Q: Which country have powerful economical In the worldwide?
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As part of the global economy did United States plays the role of?

The most economical really powerful country

What is meant by imperialism?

imperialism is the domination of a weaker country by a more powerful force or nation with the intent of dominating the political, economical and social life of the natives.

How much money did Oz the Great and Powerful gross worldwide?

Oz the Great and Powerful grossed $489,570,996 worldwide.

What makes japan an more economical developed country?

japan is a more economical country because it is a wealthy country with an advanced economy.

What is colonialism and urban change?

Colonialism refers to the practices by which a powerful country controls another country or other country. In other words, when the subjugation of one country by another leads to political,economical,social and cultural changes in the former.

Which South East Asian country has the most powerful military?

Here's the list of most powerful military in Southeast Asia: 1. Indonesia (Rank 18 Worldwide) 2. Thailand (Rank 19 Worldwide) 3. Philippines (Rank 22 Worldwide) 4. Malaysia (Rank 27 Worldwide) 5. Singapore (Rank 41 Worldwide) Then, other countries not listed here in Southeast Asia has no rank.

Which is the powerful country?

The powerful country is the USA

Was Yugoslavia a powerful country?

Definitely it was a powerful country.

Economical status of Romania?

Romania is an underdeveloped country.

Is the UK the powerful country?

Yes and it will remain powerful country..

Which Islamic country is most powerful country?

Turkey is the most powerful Islamic country. However, the US is the most powerful country in the world.

How much money did North Country gross worldwide?

North Country grossed $25,224,242 worldwide.

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