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An iron alloy

(Explanation): Iron metal is a pure substance, so it cannot be a solution, so it's not that one. An iron ore is found in nature and is iron chemically combined with other substances, so it's not a mixture because mixtures aren't chemically combined. Iron rust is also chemically combined iron with oxygen, so it's not a mixure. Therefore, the iron alloy is the correct answer

(btw, an alloy is where you heat the metal to a liquid and mix in other metals like zinc to make pennies and stuff)

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What is the metal solution for alloy?

A metal solution for an alloy could be a complete or partial solid solution.

An alloy is an example of what solution?

An alloy may be a solid solution of metal elements (a single phase) or a mixture of metallic phases (two or more solutions.

What is a solid solution of a metal a nonmetal dissolved in a metal?

This is an alloy. As tgere are different sorts of alloys its best to call it a solid solution alloy to distinguish it from mixtures of different phases which are found in steel for example.

Solid solution of metal and non metal dissolved in a metal?

An alloy is the solid solution of a metal or a nonmetal dissolved in a metal.

Give an example of a solid dissolved in a solid?

Any alloy is an example of a solid being dissolved in a solid. An alloy is a solid or mixture of a solution that is composed of a metal and another element.

Why is a alloy considered a solution?

alloy is homogeneous mixture made of metal and solution is homogeneous mixture of substance

Clearly define what an alloy is and give an example of an alloy?

An alloy is a solution of metals and/or combined with one or more non-metals. It is a solution because one metal (solid) dissolves in another metal (solid) and may contain other elements (solid) as well. An alloy retains the properties common to metal, but is not pure metal.Examples:Brass (copper and zinc)Steel (iron and carbon)Bronze (copper and tin)

Explain how a metal alloy is a solution?

A metal alloy mixture of two or more metals and a solution is a mixture of two or more substances so they are the same.

What is an alloy?

An alloy is a material made by combining two or more metals or non metals esp. to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion. Like bronze, for example is an alloy of copper and tin.

Why is alloy a metal solution?

Because an alloy is a mixture made out of two or more metals.

Is a metal and an alloy the same thing?

An alloy is a type of metal (specifically, it's a solid solution of dissimilar metals). All alloys are metal, but not all metals are alloys ... pure metals (pure gold or pure copper, for example) are not alloys.

What metal solution is called a n?

A solution of two or more metals is called an alloy.

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