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Q: Which one is better Science or English?
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What is English for science and technology?

to let us know the universe and it also a combine subject that we(science stream) use in physic,chemistry and biologi...beside that we can improve our English and know our science better...

What subjects must you take to become a veterinarian?

Some are science and english. English is so you get better at public speaking.

What is importance of English in science?

it is important coz' science is English.. i mean the language of science is English.. and English is the global language...

Who is better English or Spanish?

No ethnic group can be shown as superior by science with any degree of certainty.

What is one thing that will make a science experiment better?

actually wanting to do a science fair experiment?

Is there a science sats test in 2011?

Yes, there will be science tests in 2011 on the 13th of May. However there is more presure on children to do better in Reading, Maths and English than in Science.

Which one better from general English or specific English?

This garbled question is.

Is English a branch of science?

Nope - English is a language - nothing to do with science.

Why is the language of science the better part of science?

no sciecnce is better then the other but language is reqiered to have science

Why study of philosophy of science?

If you understand the philosophy of science you will better appreciate the value of science, and the reason why science is better than pseudo-science.

Why were the German dugouts better than the french or English?

because english one was bad

Which is better Computer science or information science?

computer science

Which is better science general or science bifocal?

science bifocal

What are good slogan for science?

Better things through science. Better understanding through science. Longer healthier life through science.

How science makes the world a better place to live in?

science makes better placeto live in because science is the teconllgy of the world so science makes the better place to live in

What are school subjects?

there is English, Math, Social Studies, Science, P.E., and one Elective

Is science better than commerce?

commerce is thousand times better than science

What is the italian word for science?

"Science" in English is scienza in Italian.

English for science and technology?

English language is the most common for the publication of science papers. But there are many important papers that are invisible to those (like me) who have only the one language. Multilingual ability does improve one's perception and access to new ideas.

Is computer science better than information science?

No, science is more imformational.

What subjects would provide necessary skills to be a midwife?

English mathamtices and one subject of science

Why does khan academy not have anything on English grammar?

Because the one who is teaching the lessons is a genius in Math and Science and knows very little in English.

Are Christans Better Or Indian?

Better at what? At math? At science?

Where can you get definitions of science terms?

Science students can answer this question better.

Something that is not related to science?