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Q: Which organelles support life processes in plant cells but are not found in animal cells?
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How are organelles energy processes in plant and animal cells?

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Plant cells and animal cells contain organelles?

yes animal cells and plant cells do have organelles

What organelles do plant cells have that animal cells don?

Plant cells have certain specialized organelles that animal cells do not need. These organelles are the cell wall and chloroplasts.

Are there any organelles that are found in animal cells but not in plant cells?

Lysosomes are found in animal cells but not plant cells.

Do plant cells have different parts than animal cells?

Plant cells contain all of the organelles that animal cells do, and also chloroplasts, where photosynthesis takes place, and cell walls, which support the cells and give them shape.

What organelles do animals calls have?

what types of organelles do animal cells have

What is the function of organelles?

All cells have small organs like we have that are called organelles. Cells organelles Cary out a cells daily processes such as disposing of waste or taking in food and water.

What are animals that use organelles called?

Animal cells use organelles (so do plant cells). Cells with organelles are called "eukaryotic" which means these are cells that have a nucleus (which is one of the organelles).

What two organelles are found are found in plant cells but not in animal cells?

Cell wall and chloroplasts are two organelles found in plant cells not within animal cells.

What two organelles do animal cells have that plant cells lack?

The two organelles that plant cells have that animal cells lack are: 1. Cell wall 2. Vacuole.

Do plant cells have organelles?

yes. organelles or cell parts can be found in plant and animal cells

What organelles are present in animal cells but not in plants cells?

Lysosomes are present in animal cells but not plant cells.