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The answer is a dip-slip fault, When a portion of rock moves upward leaving the other in place with a dip this is known as a dip-slip fault.

contractions in the downward phase of a pressup.

It slips downward when movement occurs along a normal faultIt occurs when the fault is at an angle

A normal fault is the result of the downward movement of rock along the fault line.

Day occurs when that portion of the earth is facing the sun, night occurs when that portion is facing away. This is also why it is warm during the day and cool at night.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the wrist region. This portion of the wrist is actually known as the carpal tunnel. It is the flexor portion of the wrist.

The fluid portion of the cytoplasm where a part of the cell metabolism occurs.....

Striking the lower portion of a soccer ball will cause the ball to travel in an upward direction.

its the portion of enzyme on which the substrate attaches and the chemical change occurs

What is the cytosol? The internal fluid of the cell What does it do? Where a portion of cell metabolism occurs.

Diffusion that occurs downward or upward through an organizational hierarchy; when mapped, it shows up as a network of spots.

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow is cut off to a portion of your heart muscle.

They main portion of the storyline occurs in Vatican City.

The portions of the lung where this occurs are the alveoli; the portion of the process that occurs in blood vessels takes place in capillaries.

Protein synthesis occurs at the ribosomes. A gene is expressed in the form of a protein. A protein is the ultimate product of a gene.

If the number in front of the x squared is negative, then the parabola will open upwards. The opposite occurs when the number is positive.

Charging occurs when one player runs into another. Traveling happens when a player walks with the ball. Goal tending occurs when a player interferes with the downward arc of the ball toward the basket.

When you dribble a basketball then you are causing the momentum to go downward. When the basketball hits the ground the opposite reaction occurs and the basketball goes upward.

Atrial depolarization occurs at the P wave. The atrial contraction occurs at the peak of the wave at the influx of calcium ions to prolong depolarization.

The active site of an enzyme? Answerits the portion of an enzyme on which the substrate attaches and the chemical change occurs.

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