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All of them have a sn.

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Q: Which .22 caliber S and W revolver has serial?
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Where can I find any information on a S and W model 22 32 22 caliber long rifle revolver I believe it is on a I frame serial number is 368846?

Contact S&W and get a letter on it.

How do you find the history on a Smith and Wesson 32 caliber revolver serial?

You can get it lettered by S&W.

Value of 22 caliber revolver model EI5?

No such S&W model number.

What year was the Smith and Wesson 22 caliber K frame revolver without a model number Serial 10729 made?

If you call S&W they will tell you when it left the factory.

What is the history of Smith and Wesson caliber 38 revolver with serial number 52415?

You can get a letter from S&W for 50 USD

What is age of smith Wesson 22 caliber revolver serial number is 636314?

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made anywhere from a week to a year before.

What year is a Colt SA Revolver SN 251769 and what caliber?

11569-s 22 long rifle woodsman

What is the age of a colt match target 22 caliber serial 83164-S?

about 1951

What is the manufacture date of my friend's Smith Wesson revolver caliber 22 magnum model 651 with serial number 43xxx?

83-88 or 91-99. You will have to call S&W to narrow it down.

Can 22long ammo be fired with a Smith?

I assume you mean Smith and Wesson. If it is a .22 caliber S&W revolver, yes.

What caliber is an Iver Johnson Model 1900 revolver serial 18411?

I have an IJ TARGET Model 1900 my father bought in the mid 1930's (serial # 32084). It's a .22 caliber and it was made in Fitchburg, Mass. That's all I know about it but I'm looking for more info. If you find a good source of historical data please let me know. .22 long or .22 short, not .22 long rifle.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Belgian Browning takedown serial 28545T37?

Mid 1970's.

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