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Samuel l Jackson

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Q: Which Actor appeared in the most movies during the 1990's?
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What actor appeared in 44 movies during the 1990's?

Samuel L Jackson

What actor has appeared in the most movies?

The actor that has appeared in most movies is John Wayne, as listed in the Guinness World Book of Records.

According to an October 2000 issue of Variety who was the busiest actor of the 1990s having appeared in 39 movies that together made more than 1 billion?

Samuel L. Jackson

How many of his own movies has Quentin Tarantino appeared in as an actor?

Quentin Tarantino has acted in eight of the ten movies he has directed. In movies not directed by him, he has appeared eleven times as an actor as well.

Who is the actor that appeared in the most western movies?

crazey bowo

What actor appeared most in Alfred Hitchcock's movies?

John Williams

Who is Judd nelson?

Judd Nelson is an American actor who became known as a member of the "Brat Pack", a group of young actors who appeared in films together during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Which actor has starred in the most movies?

Shakti Kapoor /September 3,1958. Shakti is a famous Bollywood actor actor. He has appeared in approx 560 movies. supports this claim....

What actor has made the most movie appearances?

Brahmanandam appeared in 900+ movies Lloyd Bridges appeared in 217 movies. Ward Bond appeared in 258 movies! Hattie McDaniel has appeared in over 300 films

Who was the UK actor who appeared in War movies in the sixties?

Maybe Gordon Jackson.

Which actor has appeared in the most James Bond movies?

Sean Connery i think?

What were some movies Keanu Reeves starred in?

Actor Keanu Reeves has appeared in the movies Speed, Constantine, and The Matrix. Other movies he appeared in are Point Break, Street Kings, and The Lake House.

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