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List of Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names
  • Agnes 1972 Florida, Northeast USA
  • Alicia 1983 North Texas
  • Allison 2001 Texas
  • Allen 1980 Antilles, Mexico, south Texas
  • Andrew 1992 Bahamas, south Florida, Louisiana
  • Anita 1977 Mexico
  • Audrey 1957 Louisiana, north Texas
  • Betsy 1965 Bahamas, southeast Florida, southeast Louisiana
  • Beulah 1967 Antilles, Mexico, South Texas
  • Bob 1991 North Carolina, Northeast USA
  • Camille 1969 Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
  • Carla 1961 Texas
  • Carmen 1974 Mexico, central Louisiana
  • Carol 1954 Northeast USA
  • Celia 1970 South Texas
  • Cesar 1996 Central America [Crossed into the Pacific Ocean, becoming Douglas]
  • Charley 2004 Caribbean, Florida, Carolinas
  • Cleo 1964 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Cuba, southeast Florida
  • Connie 1955 North Carolina
  • David 1979 Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, Florida, Eastern USA
  • Dean 2006 Antilles, Mexico, Belize
  • Dennis 2005 Haiti, Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio Valley
  • Diana 1990 Mexico
  • Diane 1955 Mid-Atlantic & Northeast USA
  • Donna 1960 Bahamas, Florida, Eastern USA
  • Dora 1964 Northeast Florida
  • Elena 1985 Mississippi, Alabama, western Florida
  • Eloise 1975 Antilles, northwest Florida, Alabama
  • Fabian 2003 Bermuda
  • Felix 2006 Honduras, Nicaragua
  • Flora 1963 Haiti, Cuba
  • Floyd 1999 Bahamas, North Carolina, mid-Atlantic & Northeast USA
  • Fran 1996 North Carolina, mid-Atlantic USA
  • Frances 2004 Bahamas, Florida
  • Frederic 1979 Alabama, Mississippi
  • Georges 1998 Greater Antilles, Florida Keys, Mississippi, Alabama
  • Gilbert 1988 Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  • Gloria 1985 North Carolina, Northeast USA
  • Gustav 2007 Hispaniola, Caymans, Cuba, Louisiana
  • Hattie 1961 Belize, Guatemala
  • Hazel 1954 Antilles, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Hilda 1964 Louisiana
  • Hortense 1996 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
  • Hugo 1989 Antilles, South Carolina
  • Ike 2007 Turks and Caicos, Haiti, Cuba, Texas (Houston/Galveston)
  • Ione 1955 North Carolina
  • Inez 1966 Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mexico
  • Iris 2001 Jamaica, Belize
  • Isabel 2003 North Carolina, Virgina, Maryland, District of Columbia
  • Isadore 2002 Mexico, Louisiana
  • Ivan 2004 Caribbean, Gulf Coast
  • Janet 1955 Lesser Antilles, Belize, Mexico
  • Jeanne 2004 Caribbean, Florida
  • Joan 1988 Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua [Crossed into the Pacific Ocean, becoming Miriam]
  • Juan 2003 Eastern Canada
  • Katrina 2005 Bahamas, Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
  • Keith 2000 Mexico
  • Klaus 1990 Martinique
  • Lenny 1999 Antilles
  • Luis 1995 Barbuda, St. Martin
  • Marilyn 1995 U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Michelle 2001 Honduras, Cuba, Florida Keys
  • Mitch 1998 Honduras, Nicaragua, San Salvador, Mexico, Florida
  • Noel 2006 Northern Carribean
  • Opal 1995 Northwest Florida, Alabama
  • Paloma 2007 Caymans, Cuba, Jamaica
  • Rita 2005 Bahamas, Florida, Cuba, Yucatan Peninsula, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas
  • Roxanne 1995 Yucatan Peninsula
  • Stan 2005 Central America, Mexico
  • Wilma 2005 Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Central America, Yucatan Peninsula, Florida, Bahamas, Atlantic Canada
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Q: Which Atlantic hurricanes were severe enough to have had their names retired?
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Why are hurricane names retired every year?

They aren't. A hurricane's name is retired if the storm is particularly deadly or destructive. Some years there are no hurricanes with a significant enough impact for their names to be retired. Most seasons, though, have enough storms that chances are at least one will have a severe impact somewhere.

Has Dubai ever had a hurricane?

no since hurricanes only happen in the Atlantic ocean but Dubai can experience a rare severe cyclonic storm that originates from the Arabian Sea.

Which is more severe earthquakes tsunamis hurricanes or a tornado?

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes are all severe. It just depends on how strong they are and where they occur.

What type of severe weather does Hawaii experience?

hurricanes and tsunamis

What are three examples of severe weather?

thunderstorms,hurricanes,and a tornado

Do hurricanes occur in the southern hemisphere?

Yes, they do, but there they are called cyclones or severe tropical cyclones rather than hurricanes.

Is a hurricane's name used again?

The names of hurricanes are re-used every 6 years unless they are retired. Names of particularly severe and/or damaging hurricanes are not re-used. The decision whether to remove a name is made yearly at an annual session of the Hurricane Committee. When a name is retired/removed from the list, a new name starting with the same letter is chosen to add to the list in its place.

Is a hurricanes like a storm?

yes a tornado in a storm. A severe one.

What type of severe weather frequently strikes the Caribbean islands?


What kind of severe weather occurs in Florida?

Hurricanes hit often

Why hurricanes will not happen in Indian ocean?

They do, only they're not called hurricanes there. They are called cyclone or very severe tropical cyclones.

What types of disasters can hurricanes cause?

Hurricanes can cause severe coastl and inland flooding, tornadoes, landslides, and disease outbreaks.

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