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The tours are excellent for adults, couples and seniors. They

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Q: Which Behind the Scenes tours at Walt Disney World are the best?
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Are the Behind the Scenes Tours at Walt Disney World worth the money?

Many of the Behind the Scenes Tours are great for seniors and adults. Most are at Epcot, and involve 4-7 hours of standing and walking, and cost anywhere from $10 to more than $200. Two favorites are Gardens of the World and the Hidden Treasures tours. Gardens of the world is limited to guests ages 16 and older. It features highights of landscaping, horticulture and gardens throughout Epcot. Hidden Treasures explores the architecture of the World Showcase pavilions. If you can

What is the most popular ride in Disney World?

My favorite is star tours, but the most popular is rockin' roller coaster The MOST popular ride in Disney World is Misson:SPACE

What are Jack the Ripper Tours?

Tours that include a history of the crimes and visit to the actual crime scenes.

Can you rent a segway at Disney World?

No, you can't rent them and they are not permitted in the parks. They are only available on specific tours that Disney provides with appropriate training in controlled environments. For example, "Around the World on a Segway" at EPCOT.

Are there tours of the Walt Disney Studios?

No tours are given on the backlot. It is a closed lot unfortunately. I just called the studio.

Is Walt Disney World safe for women traveling alone?

Yes. Tens of thousands of single women travel to Walt Disney World alone each year, on business or pleasure. Walt Disney World is probably one of the safest destinations you�ll ever find, for a woman traveling alone. Disney security is discreet, but all-pervasive. Cameras and security in plain clothes are everywhere. That said, do exercise your normal caution and don�t flaunt the fact that you are traveling alone. Stick to well populated, well-lit areas during the wee hours of the morning. Staying at a Disney hotel and using the Disney transport, especially buses, offers even greater security. You�re unlikely to be accosted by would-be Romeos, have to fend off unwelcome attention, or even offered a free drink, in any of Disney�s restaurants, bars, clubs or lounges. If you want to meet locals and other tourists, City Walk is the place. Behind the scenes tours are great for adults of all ages. And, don�t miss high tea at the Grand Floridian hotel! Make the most of your solo time by touring at your own pace. Take in a movie if you feel like it, wander the World Showcase at Epcot, enjoy the behind-the-scenes tours and go shopping! And don�t miss one of my favorite Disney exploits � eating a fancy lunch at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, in a nearly deserted restaurant!

How many tours has owl city had?

3 world tours and 5 American tours.

What are the perks of Disney themed Chase Visa cards?

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase gives cardholders special perks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, including discounts on merchandise, dining and tours. It also gives members an onboard credit on Disney Cruises, as well as savings on merchandise from Disney Store locations.

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World Wrestling Entertainment are there tours of the stamford headquarters?

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When does Star Tours open at Walt Disney World?

The official opening date is May 20, 2011, although it will most likely be open during the days before for a "soft opening".

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they were just important industries. but now they have less imporant industries now because they added tours spots and parks. like disney world.

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What is the most fun ride in Disney World?

This is an opinion question but most would say Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Primeval Whirl, Space Ranger Spin, Astro Orbiter or Star Tours.

Who was behind the cross-country rap tours called Fresh Fests?

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Where are Jack the Ripper Tours?

It is amazing that money is still being made on a group of murders committed well over a hundred years ago. The are several companies that offer what are called walking tours which includes a history of the crimes and a tour of the crime scenes.

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