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they play in bavaria which is in Germany

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Q: Which Country do fc bayern play for?
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Is FC Barcelone and FC Bayern the same?

No, FC Barcelona is from Barcelona, Spain and FC Bayern is from Munich, Bavaria.

When was FC Bayern Munich created?

FC Bayern Munich was created on 1900-02-27.

When was FC Bayern Munich II created?

FC Bayern Munich II was created in 1900.

When was FC Bayern Alzenau created?

FC Bayern Alzenau was created on 1920-03-27.

When was FC Bayern Munich - basketball - created?

FC Bayern Munich - basketball - was created in 1946.

When was bayern Munich fonded?

FC Bayern was founded in 1900.

What is the name of fc bayern Munich president?

The president of FC Bayern Munich is now (2010) Uli Hoeness

Who is the main rival of Barcelona?

The main challengers to Bayern Munich are Schalke and bayern leverkussen.

Where does the FC Bayern Lunich sports club originally come from?

There is no sports club currently in existence that is called the FC Bayern Lunich. This question could possibly refer to the FC Bayern Munich team which is based in Munich, Bavaria.

What year was the FC Bayern Munich soccer club founded?

FC Bayern Munich was founded on February 27th 1900. The club is 113 years old and play their home games at the Allianz Arena which holds over 71,000 fans.

What league is fc bayern munchen in?


What actors and actresses appeared in 100 Jahre FC Bayern - 2000?

The cast of 100 Jahre FC Bayern - 2000 includes: Thomas Gottschalk as Himself - Host