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Which Georgia college will accept you with a 2.0 GPA and low SAT scores?

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Ga Perimeter will. They have a 2-year system & if you do good you can transfer to your dream college.

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The state of Georgia has a college that will accept no SAT scores and a low high school GPA (Georgia Perimeter).

Many colleges and universities will accept students with at least a 2.0 GPA in high school, even if accompanied by low SAT scores. Check with advisors, as well as college web sites.

any community college will accept you (:

If you have a GPA below 1.0. why even bother going to college?

AnswerPart of it will depend on your SAT and/or ACT scores. Most community colleges will give you chance, where you can improve your GPA and then get entry into a higher level college or university.

You can certainly get into college with that high school GPA. Your test scores and your other activites are also a factor.

Usually a GPA of 2.0 or higher, but the higher the GPA the better.

My SAT 1620 and GPA 4.0 What college in California will accept

You get to college by performing well in high school. You have to meet the entrants requirements for GPA and SAT scores.

with good test scores and extracurriculars, you can get into pretty much any college that you want.with good test scores and extracurriculars, you can get into pretty much any college that you want.

Community colleges accept a 2.2 GPA. One may settle for a 2 year community college course while trying to reach a 3.0 GPA.

A lot of colleges would accept a GPA like that but remember that your GPA is not the only thing affecting your acceptantce. Go to and take the college matchmaker to see some possible matches.

You may find it difficult to get into any college with a 2.4 GPA. Having very high SAT scores can help, as can personal letters of recommendation from some of your teachers.

The average GPA required to get in to Seminole Community College is a 3.0 . SAT and ACT scores can help or hurt your chances of admittance.

What colleges will accept a 2.2 GPA

The required GPA is a 3.4 GPA for Georgia tech

Definitely. All colleges have different levels. It will also depend on your ACT/SAT scores.

Under Represented Minority. This increases your chance of acceptance, as long as you have good test scores, and GPA

Well it really depends on where you are trying to go. For example UVA or VTECH the lowest with a 4.0 GPA ive seen them accept is a 1700. But that's with a perfect GPA. Other schools depict different things such as your GPA nad your extracurricular activities and balances that out, so it all really depends on your GPA nad your college of choice. If you are planning on attending a college with a 60% acceptance rate or more I'm pretty sure they start at about 1400-1500, also depending on your GPA.

Might be not. They didn't open their GPA score of accepted students but it's known as around 3.7. And other test scores are high. check out the harvard admission requirements and scores.

It is not a bad idea to go to college with a 2.203 GPA. In fact, many colleges allow admission with a minimum 2.0 GPA and good SAT or ACT scores. Community college is another great option for two years, which will allow you to transfer to a top university with a good GPA and grades.

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