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The Hellenistic period after Alexander's death, when his empire was divided up by his generals, who established the Hellenistic Kingdoms.

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Q: Which Greek period marked the end of political independence?
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What event marked the end of Athens' political supremacy in the Greek world in 413 BC?

The Pelopponesian war.

What time period marked the high point of Greek civilizations?

400 B.C. until 300 B.C.

Did the greek ideals of political equality derive from classical period?

Dick Ages ..

The Dipylon vase is from which period?

The Greek made Dipylon vase is from the Late Geometric Period or circa 800 B.C. This period marked the peak production time of ceramics.

What do you call the period of time marked by renewed interest in Greek and roman classics and growth in literature and arts?


What period marked the spread of greek culture throughout the Mediterranean?

During the Hellenistic Period (roughly the fourth century BC through the first century BC) Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean, first by Alexander the Great's conquest, then by the Roman empire.

What do Irish and Greek nationalist have in common?

Irish and Greek nationalists both wanted independence.

What is independence in Greek?

ανεξαρτησία (anexartisia).

What is Greek independence?

ανεξαρτησία (anexartisia).

When did Greek War of Independence happen?

Greek War of Independence happened in 1821.

What kind of things were happening between 1809 and 1849 that has nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe?

During this time period, the Napoleonic Wars were taking place in Europe, leading to significant political and social changes. Industrialization was also rapidly transforming societies, with the first steam locomotive being developed and the first telegraph line being established. Additionally, revolutions such as the Greek War of Independence and the European Revolutions of 1848 were occurring, advocating for national independence and political reforms.

Causes of the Greek war of independence?

the Greek Revolution was caused by the Roman promise of the illusion of freedom. Everyone wants to be free of something, therefore, in rhetoric , an ambiguous promise of freedom (liberty) is accepted by the audience. Still in use in political USA. HH