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Salazar Slytherin

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Q: Which Hogwarts founder could talk to snakes?
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How do snake talk to other snakes?

Probably scent. But of course, snakes do not "talk."

Salazar slytherinhad what rare ability?

Salazar Slytherin was a parseltongue, meaning he could talk to snakes.

Can snakes have lisps?

Snakes cannot talk, therefore how can they have a lisp?

What are Hogwarts' school colors?

There are no school colours only school houses. The house colours are :Gryffindor: Gold and RedHufflepuff: Yellow and BlackRavenclaw:Blue and BronzeSlythering:Emerald and SilverThe school crest which you may be referring to only has the hogwarts founders symbols and there colours in them.Gryffindor: LionRavenclaw: RavenHufflepuff: BadgerSlytherin: Snake (This was due to Salazar Slytherins ability to talk to snakes using Parseltongue. Chamber Of Secrets)Happy i could help.

How did Harry Potter open the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry spoke Parseltounge, the language of snakes, in front of the entrance. The Chamber was designed to be used by those who could talk to snakes.

How do snakes talk?

Through hissing.

Why was Ron Weasley angry that Harry Potter was a parselmouth?

Ron was angry because Harry knew that he could talk to snakes and never told him. Harry also noticed that Ron looked scared, until he explained that it is not common for wizards to talk to snakes and was something Salazar Slytherin and his descendants could do.

How can a person talk to snakes?

They can't literally...

Who is the founder of chat?

The founder of the first online chat was created by Doug Brown and David R. Woolley in 1974. It was a chat system called Talkomatic. Up to five people could talk on each channel.

Why can Voldemort talk to snakes?

It seems he inherited this ability from Salazar Slytherin.

Can people talk to snakes?

Of course haven't you seen Harry Potter

What animal can Harry Potter talk to?

Harry Potter can talk to snakes. He loses this ability after the Horcrux inside him is destroyed.

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