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Which Jonas Brother is the best?


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2010-03-10 09:46:22
2010-03-10 09:46:22

definitely nick or joe cause they aren't married


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None of them is the best.

Nick Jonas is defentally the best singer and the coolest and hottes Jonas brother

yes because he has a cute singing voice when he was a teenager his abs

I Think That aLL Jonas Brothers songs are The Best! Mine are "Eternity" and "I am what I am".

Which Jonas Brother Has The Best Voice?In the band,Joe Jonas is the lead singer. In my opinion Nick Jonas is the best singer of the band. i think Kevin Jonas is an amazing singer after hearing him sing in"We Rock" in Camp Rock ! Lately on there new show "Jonas" he sang a song called I left my Heart in Scandinavia ,and he was fantastic! After hearing this song i have a tie on second best singer. You guessed it , Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas are in a close second!by CamrynW58

Yes. Joseph Adam Jonas (better known as "Joe") is a Jonas brother

I love Nick Jonas he is so cute and sweet and totalllyy awsomee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

the Jonas brother that went out with Miley is Nick Jonas

Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother

hmm.. i am not sure that you can buy a Jonas brother..

Definatly google images or

The name of the youngest Jonas Brother is Frankie. So it goes: Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Frankie Jonas

the Jonas brothers have a mother and a father and a younger brother.

Yes, a little brother, Frankie Jonas

They have a little brother called Frankie Jonas

I dId a vote on my fan club thing and heres what i got 1. Joe Jonas 44% 2. Nick Jonas 39% 3. Kevin Jonas 17%

im preety sure that his brother is his best friend. he loves his family witch i think is a really sweet thing!

Kevin Jonas is the oldest Jonas Brother

Jonas Brother is the best band. I love them and all their songs (like take a break),

Joe Jonas likes Frankie the best . Im 80% sure .

Kevin Jonas joe Jonas Frankie Jonas

1. Fly with me2. Out of this world3. Tonight

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