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Which Neopets items are wearable for Grundos?



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The Grundo can currently wear the following items: (be prepared, it's a long list)

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Artist Smock

Modern Art Sculpture

Inconspicuous Gumball Machine

Pile of Dung

Wings of Darkness

Brown Winter Hat

Brown Winter Scarf

Plushie Eyrie Mask

Alien Aisha Ears

Altador Cup Fan Jersey

Anubis Fountain

Baby Wocky Puppet

Barrel of TNT

Black Derby

Blue Newsboy Hat

Blue Ruki Puppet

Brown Velvet Bow Hat

Bubbling Cauldron

Bucket of Sand

Carnival Propeller Beanie

Censor Bar Glasses

Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Armour

Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Helmet

Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Heraldic Banner

Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Shinai

Chest of Plunder

Christmas Grundo Festive Hat

Christmas Grundo Festive Suit

Clockwork Techo

Coffin of Spooks

Colourful Building Blocks

Crash-Landed Meteorite

Creepy Meepit Hat

Cumulus Wings

Daring Adventurer Hat

Dark Faerie Wings

Darkest Faerie Dress

Defender of Neopia Cape

Defender of Neopia Cowl

Defender of Neopia Utility Belt

Down with NC Flag

Dung (can be found in Pick Your Own[Meri Acres Farm{Meridell}])

Earth Faerie Wings

Edna Costume Hat

Evil Coconut Mask

Explorer Backpack

Fire Faerie Wings

Floating Disco Kite

Floating Fyora Faerie Doll

Floating Grey Faerie Doll

Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll

Floating Jhudiah Faerie Doll

Floating Negg Faerie Doll

Floating Soup Faerie Doll

Floating Tooth Faerie Doll

Flower Purse

Gormball Necklace

Green X-ray Goggles

Grey Faerie Dress

Grey Faerie Wings

Groovy Disco Ball

Grundo Antennae Straps

Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet

Grundo Space Belt

Grundo Space Goggles

Grundo Space Jacket

Grundo Space Shoes

Gypsy Boy Vest

Gypsy Girl Earrings

Gypsy Girl Shawl

Gypsy Girl Skirt

Gypsy Girl Headscarf

Gypsy Girl Vest

Head Bonk

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I Club Sloth T-Shirt

I Heart NC Flag

Janitor Bucket

Kauvara Costume Hat

Kreludan Grundo Slippers

Lucky Pandaphant Doll

Lucky Red Pandaphant Doll

Lurking Neopets Space Station

Magical Altadorian Hour Glass

Magical Floor Harp

Maraquan Exploration Helmet

Maraquan Exploration Suit

Maraquan Exploration Tank

Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion

Mechanical Geb

Mini Esophagor

Mystery Island Grundo Anklets

Mystery Island Grundo Bracelets

Mystery Island Grundo Mask

Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt

Novelty Glasses

Omnivorous Geraptiku Fly Trap

Ona Puppet

Pandaphant Puppet

Pant Devil Bopper

Pink Knit Purse

Pirate Grundo Bandana

Pirate Grundo Striped Shirt

Pirate Grundo Tattered Pants

Plastic Techo Figures

Potted Faerie Bean Plant

Pretty Pink Flower Hat

Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress

Professional Mining Helmet

Pulsing Brain Tree Hat

Punchbag Bob Punching Bag

Purple Feather Boa

Purse of Despair

Quick-Change El Picklesaur

Rainy Day Cloud

Regulation Meridell Chainmail

Regulation Meridell Helmet

Regulation Meridell Knight Lance

Regulation Meridell Lowers

Regulation Meridell Shield

Roaming Wind-Up Slorg

Robot Grundo Cranium Housing

Robot Grundo Feet Housing

Robot Grundo Hand Housing

Roo in the Box

Roo Island Mobile

Royal Boy Grundo Boots

Royal Boy Grundo Collar

Royal Boy Grundo Crown

Royal Boy Grundo Gloves

Royal Boy Grundo Jacket

Royal Girl Grundo Collar

Royal Girl Grundo Dress

Royal Girl Grundo Moonstone Crown

Royal Qasalan Cloak

Runaway Rocket Boots

Shell Faerie Wings

Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Sloth Clone Helmet

Sloth Clone Robe

Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap

Smarmy Monocle

Space Trooper Armour

Space Trooper Helmet

Space Trooper Leggings

Space Trooper Oxygen Tank

Space Trooper Weapon of Choice

Sparkling Crimson Slippers

Sparkling Faerie Dress

Spectacles of Perception

Spinning Neopian Globe

Squid Hat

Stylish Red Purse

Subservient Sentient Stones

Tax Beast Bopper

Techo Kite

Techo Torch

Tiki Tack Torch

Tin Foil Hat

Twinkling Pink Tiara

Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack

Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge

Usukicon Y9 Magical Hair Usuki Mask

Winged Altadorian Sandals

Wings of Flame

Wings of Ice

Winter Blechy Hat

Wizarding Apprentice Robe

Woolen Cap

Woven Picnic Hamper

And...that's it for now!

See the link below for more info on wearable items!