Neopets is a virtual pet website owned by Viacom. Users on the site can take care of pets by buying them food, clothing and accessories with virtual Neocash.

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When and where did a certain Neopet die - Brain Tree Quest help?

The answers to the Brain Tree quest are randomly generated for each person, so no one else can answer the question for you. You must instead go to the Esophagor and complete two quests for him, he will give you the information you need. Until you do that, the Brain Tree will not accept any answer as correct.

You must complete two Esophagor quests to get your information. The information is random for each player and quest.

For the Brain Tree's quests, you cannot find a database for the answers or ask others for them, since no one will know. The Brain Tree randomly generates a question for you, so you must find it on your own. You must complete two of The Esophagor's quests to find the answer.

You can find him in the Haunted Woods, nearby the Brain Tree. The Esophagor's quests can be either extremely cheap, or very expensive. If they are more than 10,000 Neopoints, they generally are not worth completing because you will be paying for more than you will be paid.


How come your neopets won't eat Glowing Jelly?

It depends on your Neopet, some have different tastes. Some won't eat half-eaten food like pizza or omelette, some won't eat 'gross food', Glowing Jelly is another food they might not like. Even Skeiths can be picky, despite being able to eat any item.


In Neopets how do you cancel an auctioned item?

Once you have put an item on the auctions, you cannot cancel it. So make sure you take time to think well whether you actually want to auction that time or not, and then put it up on the auctions.


How do you put slats on a bed if they are curved?

Many of the bed frames we sell come with curved, sprung slats that reach half way across the frame (or all the way in the case of a single). These are fitted at either end into plastic cups with spurs on them, then tapped into purebred holes along the edge and down a central support rail. Another way this can be done is by aligning the slats in the frame whilst it is loosely assembled, and then tightening the frame, securing the slats tightly in place. The slats are always placed with the bow along the top. Hope this helps.


Where can you get Neopets not UFT banners?

See the Related Links section below for Neopets homepages that list "Not UFT" banners.

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How do you visit a friend's shop in Neopets?

Easy! Type in your friends username in the search bar and click search. Then go to your friends username page. It should say in the upper-right, "Shop Size ---" Click on that to visit your friends shop!


Where is blitz in Petpet Park?

Blitz is located in Blizzard Mountain!


How do the Neopets interact?

We never actually see our Neopets in the game anywhere except our New NeoHomes, and on the left side of our screen. It's entirely up to your imagination to think up how they interact.

But even though we don't know, we do have some things that can help our imagination.

First, we can assume they speak English because of the occasional things they'll say on the preview panel as well as after feeding them food or reading them books, etc.

Second, we know that they live in houses in all of the different worlds of Neopia, so they would probably run into each other at the marketplaces and various places we see on the maps!

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How do you make a scroll box on Neopets?

If you are looking for a box that holds the neopets website:

<!--Note: The width and height can be changed to fit it how you wish. --->

<iframe src="" width="200" height="200" scrolling="yes"></iframe>


The other way.

<div style="width: 100px; height: 100px; overflow: auto;"> text </div>

Chocolate Chips

Where can you buy Chocolate Chip jack-o'-lantern Chip Cookies on Neopets?

You can find these at either the Spooky Food Stand in the Haunted Fairgrounds, or the Igloo Garage Sale in Terror Mountain.

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How do you put music on your Neopets page?

You have to use a special music code. They usually will only work on Internet Explorer.


How do you create a side account in Neopets?

You basically just make another account. But on a side account you can't do dailies, or win trophies or anything because it is against the rules and you can get frozen. People usually use side accounts for keeping pets, or using their petpages.


How do you add activities to your Neopets guild?

Simple. Just go to your guild and put the activitys on the guild front OR go to your pet page and do it on there heres an example


How do you solve the fairies ruin?

There is a link to the plot guide below.

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How do Neopets get grumbles?

Neopets can get Grumbles from random events. You can't predict when you get them. If you want to get rid of your pet's grumbles, use Lime Lozenge or Grumble Be Gone Tablets. Lime Lozenge might not work the first time, so it is suggested that you take Grumble Be Gone Tablets.


Is there a magma paintbrush or do you have to wait for the people by the magma pool to let you in?

There is no Magma Paint Brush, as you just have to find your 10-minute window in which the Magma Pool Guard is sleeping so you can sneak past.

On extremely rare occasions, the Guard will let you pass even while he is awake. Nobody knows how this is triggered.


What are the answers to Brain Tree questions?

All questions from the brain tree -- and the answers to them -- are randomly generated for each user. The only way to find out the answers is to perform quests for the Esophagor.
Lenny Tonu is one of the randomly generated characters the brain tree asks you about.
No one can give you that answer,The only way to find out is to feed the Esophagor (also located in the haunted woods) twice.BUT be careful,he will sometimes ask for expensive items to feed him,which in the end will just be neopoints lost.
This is neopets, right? You need to visit the esophagor and do a quest, to get the answer. It's random and different every time.
Assuming that this is a Brain Tree quest, you must (after getting a quest from the Brain Tree) get a quest from the Esophogar who is in the Haunted Woods along with the Brain Tree. Once you have completed 2 Esophogar quests, you will have the 2 answers that you need to complete the BT quest
46 BN
Its always different for everyone
This must be a Brain Tree quest. Do the esophagor quest 2 times (first time gives you when and second where the neopet died). Do the quest after you have accepted the Brain Tree quest. That should give you the answer. All of the neopets the Brain Tree asks about are all in his head.
if your asking were did rebecca tonu buy neopets then she bought them probably at walmart or shopers drug mart
What year did margaret Tonu die and what place?
The brain tree may give put the same question but there never the same answer.
Why are there so many of these questions?! Do me a favor and answer some of these questions once you know the answer:

Complete two esophagors quests then return to the brain tree and collect your reward. Note that it costs A LOT of neopoints for the esophagors quests so be prepared to spend from 90k to 1 million. If you are poor or on a budget, do NOT do this quest as the prize will usually not be worth the money from the esophagors quests.


For all those people with this kind of question, I'm copying and pasting so as not to get tired. :)

Complete two esophagors quests then return to the brain tree. These quests are usually really expensive, so if you are up to it and really want to do it prepare to spend 50k to 1000k.
If you're looking for the answers to the Brain Tree Quest, then you won't be able to get the correct answer here. The answers are randomly generated and the only way to get the correct ones is to complete two Esophagor quests.
Rupert chomby died in 34 BN in Skull Rock.
I also need the answer for that thumbs up :)
Do 2 of the Esophagor's quest's and he'll tell you.
In order to solve it, you have to do 2 esaphagor quests. You can locate him in the haunted woods. But don't use too much neopoints on it, though. Good Luck.
Do 2 of the Esophagar's quests to find out. OH< and uh the answers are random.
This answer is different every time. TO find the correct answer you must feed Esphogar twice. GL! Don't do the quest if its too expensive!!!
I just did the food for the esophagor and he said 21BN. but all other sites say 20. unfortunatly the 2nd part for place is too expensive ;_; sorry
What you get from the brain tree is very random. You must complete 2 esophagor quests first.
The brain tree quest gives out the same questions that have different answers so nobody cheats like you asked. Sorry!
Brain Tree questions can ONLY be solved by feeding the Esophagor twice. It is random and different for everyone, so no one will be able to tell you the answer.
If it is a brain tree quest, you have to feed Esophagor twice. Once for where he died, and another time for when.
It is against the rules to ask for these questions' answers. Each one is randomly generated, so each answer is different.

The only way you can get the answer is to complete two quests for The Esophagor. One will tell you when the person died, the other will tell you where. Sometimes these quests can get more expensive, and you'll be paying more than you will be rewarded. If you are spending more than a few thousand (I'd say 10,000NP or more is enough) on the quest, just give up.
44 Maraqua or 39 Virtopia, both are frequent answers given by the Brain Tree. However the Tree's quest can NOT be completed unless the Esophagor gives you both parts of the answer. No answer will be accepted until then.
You have to feed the esophagor to get the answer because the answers change with every question the braintree asks you.
39 BN is all I got.
For the Brain Tree's quests, you cannot find a database for the answers or ask others for them, since no one will know. The Brain Tree randomly generates a question for you, so you must find it on your own. You must complete two of The Esophagor's quests to find the answer.

You can find him in the Haunted Woods, nearby the Brain Tree. The Esophagor's quests can be either extremely cheap, or very expensive. If they are more than 10,000 Neopoints, they generally are not worth completing because you will be paying for more than you will be paid.

Once you complete a quest from Esophagor, he will give you one of the two answers, such as where the person died. When you finish another quest, he will give you the second answer, such as when.

After you have two answers, give them to the Brain Tree within his time limit and he will reward you. Normally, the quest isn't worth the trouble, while other times he can reward you with very expensive and rare items, or even with a shiny new trophy!
16 BN (Before Neopia) But I can't find out where..

Job Training and Career Qualifications

What job is basic and nonbasic?

Basic jobs are the ones any neopet can do for free. The unbasic ones are the ones that you have to have a coupon for.


Why doesn't Neopets work?

It does work. You problem might be internet problems or neopets may temporarily be offline. In that case, call the company that your internet source owns or refresh your page.


How do you get into the Magma Pool on Neopets?

Each account has two five-minute intervals (usually they are back to back, so one ten-minute interval) during which the guard falls asleep. Simply put, every account has a total of ten minutes of opportunity to get into the pool. While the times are different for every account, your account's specific time will never change.

The best way to find your account's time is to try to access the pool every five minutes for a different hour each day. For example on Monday try checking from 1-2, then 2-3 on Tuesday, and so on. When you do find your time, write it down somewhere you can remember. You can let one of your pets swim in the pool each week.

You can also sometimes be welcomed to the pool by the guard. It's extremely rare, and it's most likely random.


How do you open an Unlabelled Tin Can on Neopets?

You can't, they're useless.

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What are some websites similar to StarDoll Neopets Build-a-Bearville and Club Penguin?


Free Realms

How do you create a guild in Free Realms?

nasty egg sack party in the pops its nasty like an egg sack makes you wanna rock whoo hoo


Where is the Marketplace on Neopets?

If you wish to find it yourself:

  1. Go to the "Shops" button on the main toolbar at the top of your page.
  2. Click the sign on the far left of the map that says "Neopian Bazaar," the text link directly above the image, or the text link directly underneath the main toolbar that says "Bazaar."
  3. Click on the sign that says "Marketplace" on the far left side of the map.

You can also click the "Marketplace" link in the large list of links directly underneath the main toolbar at any point after you clicked on Shops!

If you don't want to do all that clicking, see the related links section below.


How do you abandon a Neopet?

You must go to the Neopian Pound, then follow the door to the "Abandon" page. You then must click the confirmation button underneath the pet you wish to abandon a few times - this is in place to protect accidental abandonment.

To find the Pound, mouse over the "Customise" button on the main menu, or see the Related Links section below.
Go to the Neopian Pound and click on the 'Abandon' door.


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