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It is called "ARCHERY" :)

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Q: Which Olympic sport Uses bows and arrows?
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What is the name of the sport which uses bows and arrows in Olympic games?


Which Olympic sport do you use bows and arrows?


Is there a Sport starting with letter a?

Yes, archery. (Bows and arrows)

Do people still use arrows?

Yes they do. There are many Archery Clubs throughout the world. Some use Long Bows and others use Cross bows. I believe Archery may even be an Olympic sport.

What is the uses for a dogwood tree?

They used it for bows, arrows and other stuff.

What does archer mean?

Someone who uses bow & arrow for shooting.

Did the pueblo use bows and arrows?

yes pueblo Indians used bows and arrows

How many Different bows are used in the archery Olympics?

Olympic archery only uses recurves.

What are the release dates for Bows and Arrows - 1930?

Bows and Arrows - 1930 was released on: USA: 3 January 1930

What weapons did the Northwest Coast native peoples use in Canada?

Spears, bows and arrows. Spears, bows and arrows.

Did the cahuilla Indians use weapons?

they used bows, arrows, traps, clubs and sticks.

Did ninjas use bows and arrows?

No, ninjas did not use bows and arrows. Ninjas mostly used Katanas and sometimes, Shruikens