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Jewel planet is the Earth , in which we live and survive . It is the only planet where life exists .

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Q: Which Planet is considered as a Jewel Planet?
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What planet is called the jewel of the sky?

The planet that is called the jewel of the sky is Venus.

Why earth is called the jewel planet?

I'd say they call Earth the "Jewel Planet" because it's the only planet that can support life as we know, but we are beginning to know more as our space probes travel further and the thing about the only inhabitable planet being Earth could be totally wrong!

Why is Pluto not considered a planet?

Its not that Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore. Pluto is just considered a dwarf planet.

Why is Pluto considered as an unusual planet?

It's not a planet. Because its not big enough to be considered a planet.

Is the sun a terrestrial planet?

The Sun is not considered a planet. It is considered a Star.

Is Pluto the fifth planet?

No. The fifth planet is Jupiter. Pluto was once considered the ninth planet, but is no longer considered a planet.

Who thinks that Pluto is to small to be called a planet?

Pluto is not considered a planet anymore but is considered a dwarf planet.

Why is Pluto considered a planet?

It is not considered a planet, it is a planet, just like Earth, Venus, Neptune (etc).

Which planet is not considered a planet?

Pluto , it is considered a dwarf planet .But Pluto is big next to Ceres and Xena !

Why is Neptune not considered as the planet in the Solar System?

Neptune is considered as a planet. It's Pluto that's not considered as a planet due to its small size.

Why is the Ruger Bearcat considered a mechanical Jewel?

Never heard it referred to as that.

When was mars considered a dwarf planet?

Mars was never considered a dwarf planet.

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